Catalog Updates (US) -  January 2021

We’re excited to share a new brand along with new products that we’ve added to the Fullscript catalog, all of which was made possible by your support and feedback!

New Brands

Neurobiologix has a goal to help consumers purchase a formula created with all the necessary ingredients to help them achieve a better result. The company uses nutrigenomic testing to create genetically guided supplementation that is geared towards a person’s genetic make up. Their supplements are superior in potency, purity, absorption, and are free of artificial ingredients, allergens, and toxins, and their formulas are manufactured in the US.  The formulations are also manufactured in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), NSF (National Science Foundation), and FDA certified facilities to ensure they meet the highest quality and production standards.

New Products

Allergy Research Polyphenol-C® 500 w/ Berry Polyphenols 90c
Advanced Nutrition PowerCal Capsules 180c
Advanced Nutrition CircuAid 60c
Advanced Nutrition B12 Energizer 90 lozenges
Advanced Nutrition ImmuniKid Chewable 60t
Advanced Nutrition PowerCal Capsules 360c
Biocidin Biocidin® Wellness Kit
BioPharma Scientific Nanoprobiotic Gummie
Bioclinic Naturals 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan) 100 mg
Bioclinic Naturals Magnesium Bisglycinate 200 mg
Bioclinic Naturals Opti Ova Female Wellness Kit
Bioclinic Naturals Mito Motile Male Wellness Kit
Designs for Health CoQnol™ 200mg
Designs for Health Annatto-E™ Liquid
Designs for Health PaleoCleanse Plus™ Chocolate
Douglas Labs Hair Growth+
Douglas Labs Beauty Essentials
Douglas Labs Omega Beauty
Douglas Labs Hydrolyzed Collagen+
Douglas Labs Skin Clarify
Douglas Labs Skin Probiotic+
DaVinci Labs Liposomal ADK
DaVinci Labs Liposomal Elderberry
Endurance Products Dihydroberberine SR
Needed Prenatal Multi
Needed Prenatal Iron
EuroMedica Berberine Ultra Absorb – Metabolic Support
EuroMedica Andrographis Immune®
Doctor Wilson’s Original Formulations Immune Essentials
Nutritional Frontiers Buffered C Powder
Nutritional Frontiers Turmeric Plus
Nutritional Frontiers Immunomax III
Good Clean Love BiopHresh Vaginal Homeopathic Suppository
Greens First Acid Neutralizer (powder-lemon flavor)
Greens First Acid Neutralizer (powder-grape Vegan)
Microbiome Labs MegaMune™
Microbiome Labs MegaViron™
ManukaGuard Sinus Cleanser
ManukaGuard Premium Extra Strength Allercleanse
ManukaGuard Cough & Throat Syrup
ManukaGuard Immune Support
Metagenics Immune Defense Pack
NutraMedix, LLC Curcumin Capsules
Nordic Naturals Children’s Eye Health Gummies
Nordic Naturals Zero Sugar Melatonin Gummies
Natura Health Products Peps-Aid™
Prodrome Sciences ProdromeNeuro Plasmalogen Oil
Prodrome Sciences ProdromeNeuro Plasmalogen Veg Capsules
Prodrome Sciences ProdromeGlia Plasmalogen Oil
Prodrome Sciences ProdromeGTA Veg Capsules
Quicksilver Scientific Immune Charge+™ Throat Spray
Seeking Health StrateGene® DNA Kit – Tube
Seeking Health StrateGene® DNA Test Kit – Swab
Seeking Health Optimal Glutathione
Klaire Labs Equazen® Pro
Vital Proteins Cartilage Collagen Capsules
Vital Proteins Collagen Bar Peanut Butter Chocolate
Vital Proteins Collagen Bar Lemon Vanilla
Vital Proteins Feeling Zen
Apex Energetics, Inc Glycoberine-SG™
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