Catalog Updates (CA) -  November 2021

We’re excited to share new brands and products that we’ve added to the Fullscript catalog!

Back in 2005, Founder and President, Alain Roy, realized the need for products to address the growing incidence of mental health. He emphasized the importance of having options, and offering products for solutions other than prescription drugs. Research was started based on the belief that stress affects every aspect of health much more than many of us think. Veeva now offers natural solutions for stress, anxiety, insomnia, teen mental well-being, and more. Created by a Scientific Advisory Council, Veeva’s products have come to be known by health care practitioners as highly  effective.

From day one, SUKU Vitamins’ goal was to develop a line of chewable beauty and wellness products designed to help women and men worldwide look and feel their best. To do this, they’ve partnered with leading nutritionists and naturopathic doctors to choose ingredients based on the science that backs them up, in their most absorbable forms.

Utiva is clinically proven to prevent UTIs so you can avoid antibiotics and chronic infections. Today, Utiva is recommended by urologists, urogynecologists, gynecologists and GPs across Canada. Made with the belief that everyone deserves the best care, Utiva is committed to walk with you on your health journey. They’ll arm you with the tools, education and products you need to be prepared to have a UTI free life.

Ferosom Forte is a scientific formula that solves all the problems caused by other iron supplements. Through its proprietary LCE coating, Ferosom Forte provides superior absorption of iron (without the side effects). Made proudly in Canada, Ferosom Forte is recommended by gynecologists, general surgeons, and GPs as a safe and effective way to treat and prevent iron deficiency.ser satisfaction. 

New Products

Bioclinic Naturals BioClear™
Bioclinic Naturals BioLivX™
Bioclinic Naturals Dolor Ease
Bioclinic Naturals Melatonin – 10 mg
Bioclinic Naturals Melatonin – 3 mg
Bioclinic Naturals NAC – 500 mg
Bioclinic Naturals Phosphatidylserine – 100 mg
Bioclinic Naturals ImmuneAlign
Bioclinic Naturals ImmuneAlign Liquid
Bioclinic Naturals Iron Bisglycinate
Bioclinic Naturals Vitamin K2
Bioclinic Naturals D3 drops
Cyto-Matrix GABA 500mg
Ferosom Forte Ferosom Iron Capsules
Ferosom Forte Ferosom Iron Sachets
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Margarita Complexion
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs Ginseng & Longan Formula
NOW Aloe Soothing Gel
Organika Chlorophyll
Restorative Formulations Biome Px
SISU U-Cubes™ Vitamin C Kids’ Sour Gummies
SUKU Vitamins Restful Sleep
SUKU Vitamins Luscious Hair
SUKU Vitamins Appley Ever After
SUKU vitamins Mega Magnesium
SUKU Vitamins Buh Bye Stress
SUKU Vitamins Turmeric
SUKU Vitamins Super Mushrooms
SUKU Vitamins The Complete Women’s Multi
SUKU Vitamins The Complete Prenatal
SUKU Vitamins The Complete Kids Multi
SUKU Vitamins The Complete Men’s Multi
SUKU Vitamins Ultimate Immunity
SUKU Vitamins Kids Super Immunity
SUKU Vitamins Radiant Complexion
SUKU Vitamins Youthful Skin
Utiva Utiva UTI Control Supplement
Utiva Utiva UTI Test Strips
Utiva Utiva Cleansing Wipes
Utiva Utiva D-Mannose Attack
Utiva Utiva Probiotic Power
Utiva Utiva UTI Control Gummies
Veeva Stress Formula
Veeva Anxiety Formula
Veeva Sleep Formula
Veeva B Complex w Alkaline C
Veeva Theanine & Magnesium
Vita Aid Optizyme