Dr. Bay received her Doctor of Chiropractic, Master’s in Human Nutrition with a focus in Functional Medicine, and Bachelor of Science in General Studies: Natural Sciences & Mathematics degrees from the University of Bridgeport. She has additional licenses as a clinical nutrition specialist and certified dietician nutritionist. Dr. Bay has worked with various HIV nonprofit organizations, providing functional protocols for HIV patients with health issues such as diabetes, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and several other HIV-related co-morbidities. Dr. Bay received an award from the LGBT Network, along with congressional recognition, in December 2019, for her innovative functional medicine approaches aimed at improving the health status of HIV+ individuals. Dr. Bay makes a point to attend a variety of functional medicine and nutritional seminars throughout the year, in an effort to remain well informed of the rapidly changing techniques and protocols available to her patients. Whether you are looking to optimize your health or find natural approaches to improve your health status, Dr. Bay has an evidence-based, comprehensive approach to improve your health and wellness.

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the many health concerns associated with glyphosate blog post
The Many Health Concerns Associated With Glyphosate Current evidence regarding the safety of glyphosate suggests that there may be long-term consequences to our health, ecosystems, and the environment.

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