Dr. Dan Kalish is the founder of the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine, an online practice implementation training program dedicated to building integrative and functional medicine practices. Early in his educational experience, Dr. Kalish spent time in Asia to complete formal monastic training. He studied at monasteries in Japan and Thailand practicing mindfulness meditation techniques. He received his BA in physiology and psychology from Antioch College and completed his chiropractic degree at Life West. In 2016, working with the Mayo Clinic’s Director of Integrative Medicine, Dr. Larry Bergstrom, Dr. Kalish published a research study on the Kalish Method, and in 2017, he became lead faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Practice Implementation program.

Currently, Dr. Kalish works closely with Dr. Richard S. Lord, focusing on curriculum development to advance clinical lab interpretation within functional medicine. When not at work, he devotes his time toward Taoist meditation practices.