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Write plans

Write optimal plans with clinical decision support tools that help you choose products based on ingredient dosing and patient preferences that drive adherence.

Deliver care

Send online supplement plans that your patients can conveniently order to their doors or order wholesale to stock your shelves and dispense from your clinic.

Engage patients

Make it easy for patients to start and stick with their plans. Offer refill reminders, a world-class ordering experience, and convenient place for patients to manage their supplement routine.
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Hear from Fullscript providers and patients

Dr. Kat Bodden, ND

Kat Bodden, ND

Dr. Bodden speaks to how Fullscript helps her patients access the quality supplements they need alongside educational handouts.

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Dr. Joanne Pizzino, MD

Joanne Pizzino, MD

Dr. Pizzino speaks about Fullscript’s user-friendly experience, comprehensive supplement catalog, and convenient patient ordering.

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Dr. Steven Campbell, MD

Steven Campbell, MD

Dr. Campbell discusses Fullscript’s comprehensive supplement catalog, as well as its personalization and convenience.

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Wanda Cook

Wanda C.

Wanda speaks to how convenient Fullscript has made taking supplements and its positive impact on her health.

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Morgan Parees

Morgan P.

Morgan speaks to how easy Fullscript has made it for her to find high-quality supplements and start and maintain her care plans.

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Ashley Goldman

Ashley G.

Ashley speaks to how Fullscript helps her find trusted products while offering the ordering convenience of large online resellers.

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“My practice is virtual and I reach folks in all 50 states. As a functional MD, Fullscript has been a game changer for my practice and patients.”

Tina Discepola, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2017

“These supplements are high quality…they’re brands that I can trust, so the patient has trust and excellent outcomes, improving their overall health.”

Shreni Zinzuwadia, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2020

“It's been a game-changer. I would hate to think about trying to practice functional medicine in the days prior to Fullscript.”

Dallas Peak, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2018

“I’m always looking for the most impactful tools to support my patients. Fullscript drives compliance and health outcomes.”

Meghan Walker, ND, Joined Fullscript in 2013

“(Using Fullscript)...has actually increased our compliance and adherence from 25% to over 37% when we last analyzed the data.”

JP Saleeby, MD, Joined Fullscript in 2013

“I’m a nurse practitioner who’s been using Fullscript for three years and so happy with the platform... Patients love the easy ordering.”

Mary-Beth Charno, NP, Joined Fullscript in 2017


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