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300 practitioner-grade brands

Virtual dispensing

Save time. Boost supplement sales.
Spread more wellness.


Discover products

Find what your patients need with
industry-leading search.


Recommend to patients

Provide a simple and seamless
ordering experience on the web
and on mobile.


Achieve better adherence

Keep patients engaged with
automated refill reminders,
marketed patient promotions, and
curated wellness emails.


Choose a better dispensing experience at no added cost.

A Fullscript account is 100% free. There are no hidden fees, and we take care of all the tax reporting.

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“Fullscript is a logical alternative to laboriously stocking, fulfilling, and shipping the many diverse products I recommend.”

Dr. Ronald Hoffman, MD

Online dispensing with Fullscript
In-office dispensing
Traditional in-office dispensary
Fullscript's online dispensary
Time with patients
Administrative duties
Dispensary management


Free up time and focus on what matters.

More time means better patient care. Here’s
how your Fullscript virtual dispensary can help:

  • Offload inventory management to our practitioners,
    distributors, and easy-to-use platform.
  • Streamline your workflow with Fullscript’s
    industry-leading EHR integrations.
  • Provide more access to wellness with shareable
    wellness protocols, regular patient promotions, and
    award-winning customer support for patients.
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“Fullscript drives compliance and ultimately health outcomes because it takes the hassle out of filling my prescriptions and gives purchasing control back to my patients.”

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND


Give patients

We guarantee quality from the brands we offer
to distribution. Only the best supplements arrive
at your patients' front doors.

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Lab technician examining a pill

“With Fullscript, I feel better knowing the source and quality of the supplements my patients are purchasing, rather than hoping they aren’t buying something with fillers and chemicals from an unknown source.”

Carly Snyder, MD

Send recommendations through your EHR

Fullscript virtual dispensaries integrate with industry-leading EHRs so you can dispense practitioner-grade supplements with the software you already use.

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You can shop wholesale, too!*

Get items at the same prices as buying direct from the manufacturer. Plus, take advantage of marketed promotions, automated patient wellness content, and one-to-many care tools!
*Wholesale ordering is only available for practitioners in the U.S.

Unbeatable prices

Pay manufacturer’s prices along
with bulk discounts and free
shipping on orders over $250.

Exclusive brands

Shop the most comprehensive catalog
of practitioner-grade supplements.

Industry-leading search

Find the items you need faster with filters for
keyword, ingredients, supplement type,
brand, dosage, allergens, and more.

Dispense in-office, to patients’
doorsteps, or both

Virtual dispensing

Stop managing inventory and start
growing your practice with the most
convenient way to dispense supplements.

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Wholesale ordering

Dispense in-office with the added support
of automated patient adherence and
practice promotion tools.

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Fullscript is certified carbon-neutral
The health of all people relies on the health of our planet, so we're committed to a more sustainable future.