5 Reasons Your Patients Will Love Fullscript

Fullscript isn’t just another online store. It’s a platform for prescribing and managing better health.

We understand that part of prescribing and managing better health is maximizing patient engagement and compliance.  From the patient’s perspective, this means easy access to the resources and support they need to live healthier lives.  Fullscript provides a secure and convenient platform that is accessible from any computer, with built-in features that increase the likelihood that your patients will follow their treatment plans, and ongoing support tools for both you and your patients.

Here’s why your patients will love Fullscript:

1. Your patients receive a personal invite

Inviting patients to create a Fullscript Account is a crucial step. Since your Smart Dispensary is only accessible to individuals that you exclusively invite, your patients are automatically sent a personal invitation via email as soon as you’ve added them in your dispensary set up process.

Patients love this feature; it helps them feel comfortable using Fullscript because they were invited by their health professional.  And, once they create their Fullscript Account, there are easy to follow instructions on how to navigate their Smart Dispensary and fulfill their Fullscript Prescriptions.

2. Hassle-Free & Fast Delivery Right to Their Doors

Fullscript offers a simple low flat-rate shipping charge on all orders, regardless of size, and our distributors will deliver the package right to your patient’s door. You and your patients will receive a shipping notification with tracking information when an order is dispatched so you are informed every step of the way.

3. Your Fullscript Prescriptions

The Fullscript Prescription feature lets you send personalized product recommendations with treatment notes directly to your patients via email. Sending a patient a Fullscript Prescriptions also increase the likelihood of compliance because they are tailored specifically for the patient needs.

They are easy to create and your patients will love them because they are always purchasing the right product and following your dosage instructions.

4. Your support and reminders

When it comes to health and wellness people need encouragement, support and positive reinforcement. As a health professional, providing this to all of your patients at the right time and frequency can get difficult to manage, especially as your practice grows. Fullscript has features that allow you to send automated reminders, initiate follow up appointments, and help you provide the support your patients need.

Your patients will love getting reminders and account updates from you because it helps them follow their treatment plans, and continually encourages them to live a healthier life, even when life gets busy.

5. Your Patient Success

Fullscript helps strengthen the connection between you and your patients by providing access to their personalized treatment plans, continually engaging them to maximize compliance, and by creating a support channel that encourages them to live a healthier, happier life.

A healthy patient is a happy patient, and a happy patient tells their friends and family about the quality and effectiveness of the treatment and support they received from you.