Andrea is a Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Educator and Speaker pioneering the movement to transform healthcare into a system that works.
The Functional Nutrition Alliance (FxNA) is the culmination of Andrea’s years in both clinical practice and as an educator. FxNA is where patients can take classes to empower themselves with diet and lifestyle modifications, connect with a Functional Nutritionist trained by Andrea for dedicated one-on-one support, and where clinicians from various scopes can learn and upgrade their practices to collectively advance the fields of functional and precision medicine. We need to change the way healthcare. FxNA is Andrea’s contribution to that revolution.
Her Functional Nutrition Lab (FNL) practitioner training programs teach practitioners the functional tools, systems, and mindset shifts that have been instrumental in her own success as a clinician.

Andrea has a commitment to excellence. She leads by example and has created the systems, frameworks, client care and practitioner education that she could not find anywhere else. In her quest for a superior supplement dispensary, she chose Fullscript to meet the needs of her clients and customers with her personally curated favorites, selected for their clinical efficacy. The Fullscript advantage has enabled her to deliver premium care to her clients.

FxNA Practitioner Resources