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man meditating with buildings in the background

To Treat Prostatitis Naturally, First Understand What It Is

Dr. Geo Espinosa defines prostatitis, talks about prostatitis symptoms, and the natural prostatitis treatments that are available.

three brown eggs and three white eggs on a white cloth on a table

Daily Protein Requirements: How Much Do You Need?

To keep your body functioning properly proteins are needed because they are the main building blocks of your body.

woman in gym clothes wrapping a tape measure ribbon around her hands

Metabolism Vitamins And Supplements That Support Weight Loss

If you are looking for ways to speed up your metabolism and keep your weight loss goals on track, supplements may help.

essential oil in bottle laying on top of rosemary branches

Aromatherapy 101: What Are Essential Oils?

Using an integrative approach to health and healing involves a consideration of all of the scientifically-valid tools and techniques available, including aromatherapy and essential oils.

man laying in a hammock looking into the mountains outdoors

How Melatonin Works To Fight Prostate Cancer

The effect of melatonin on prostate serum antigen (PSA) levels was evaluated in prostate cancer patients by examining cancer tissue biopsy and blood serum.

Father holding his son on the beach

The Best Men’s Health Supplements By Age Group

If you are a man trying to maximize your health and minimize the effects of aging later in life, it's important to know how your nutritional needs evolve with every stage of life.

Take Heart, Erectile Dysfunction Remedies Boost Male Health

Erectile dysfunction (ED) symptoms can cause heartache, but did you know that ED is a reliable indicator of future heart problems?

How Exogenous Ketones Can Boost Your Keto Diet Efforts

During the keto diet, your body transitions into the metabolic state called nutritional ketosis, in which ketone bodies are produced to create positive effects.

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Ever Wondered What Calcium Does To Bone Health?

While most of us know foods high in calcium are synonymous with strong bones, not many are aware that an optimal level of calcium per day is vital to our health.

bone broth in a bowl with pieces of garlic on a green cloth on table

How To Use Bone Broth Protein: Top Health Benefits

Bone broth is one of the world’s richest sources of natural collagen, the protein found in the bones, skin, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and bone marrow.

person recording results with healthy foods and supplements in front of them

How To Use Supplements To Maximize Your Ketogenic Diet

Avoid becoming deficient in key nutrients on the keto diet. Find out the best quality supplements chosen by experts to optimize health on keto.

collage protein in a wooden spoon on a green leaf

What Is Collagen And How Do I Find It?

While many biological and environmental factors are at play, one thing is certainly clear: collagen levels generally drop when people are in their 20s and 30s.

man wearing blue sweater and gray pants sitting and stretching legs

Understand Bone and Joint Health

There are over 300 joints in your body that are responsible for a multitude of actions. Learn about what bone and joint health is, and how to improve it.

pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness on a white table

How to Mitigate Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Integrative health practitioners can provide diet & lifestyle advice, as well as dietary supplement recommendations to support breast cancer patients.

blonde woman holding two supplement bottles smiling

Dietary Supplement Labels: A Guide To Reading Supplement Facts

Vitamin and Supplement labels are confusing. Find out FDA regulations, USP verified, DV meaning, supplement facts, and what mg stands for...

two small essential oil bottles with a larger one in the back and natural herbs

How To Use Essential Oils For Brain Health

Studies show just how ‘essential’ many essential oils are for maintaining a healthy brain, healing brain injury, and improving cognitive performance.

Stone on top of one another to show balance

A New Clinician’s Perspective On Work-life Balance

After starting a private practice, Dr. Andrew Krause, ND realized that a new balanced lifestyle was needed to help him be successful in providing care to his patients and in focusing on his family.

white bed with sheets, white flowers on a wooden bedside table

Melatonin Explained: Sleep Support Supplement

Melatonin is one of the top natural sleep supplements that are backed by research. This is a hormone that’s known for regulating your sleep-wake cycle.

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Improve Patient Adherence: Tips That Work

Maintaining patient adherence is a challenge most practitioners face. Technology and digital tools can help improve patient adherence, so it’s beneficial for both practitioners, and patients.

Nourishing Your Energy Levels: The Do’s and Don’ts in Our Diet

Food and diet impact our health in a variety of ways, and energy and alertness are not excluded from this. Ensuring that our body has the right nutrients will help it to do its best throughout the day and keep energy levels up!

yogurt bowl with peas, chickpeas, naan bread

Plant-Based Protein: Best Foods and Natural Protein Supplements for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ensuring a varied diet filled with nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants, can help you avoid food intolerances. Here’s what you need to know about getting enough protein on a plant-based diet, including how to find the right vegetarian protein supplement.

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How Do Prebiotics and Probiotics Impact Your Health?

Products containing specific prebiotics and probiotics that work synergistically are often referred to as synbiotics. Prebiotics can be added to probiotic supplements to improve probiotic lifespan and their ability to thrive in the small intestine.

orange pumpkin soup with dried bread slices with pumpkin decoration on marble table

Fall Spice and Skin So Nice: Health Benefits of Pumpkin

With changes to the weather, changes to our skin also appear. There could not be a better time to reap the amazing health benefits of pumpkin, as an ingredient, to get our skin prepped and beautified for the cooler winter months ahead.

woman in her room cross-legged sitting on bed with green plants around her

Natural Sleep Aid: Top 8 Supplements That Work

Recent studies have found that 1 out of every 3 adults in the US do not get the recommended seven hours of sleep regularly, while millions of adults around the globe suffer from sleeplessness and insomnia nightly.

person holding full glass of water

Hydration 101: Why Is Water So Important

It’s a cliché for a reason - water is essential to life! It is present in all of your cells and is used for important functions like digestion, regulating temperature, and lubricating your joints.

Man holding a supplement bottle and looking at more supplements

What Are Excipients: Get Educated

If you ever look at the list of ingredients on your supplement bottles, you’ll notice there’s always a section called “additional” ingredients, also known as excipients. The question we answer is, what exactly is in that list?

Man and woman planking outdoors on grass

Exercise: The Brain Booster

Exercise helps our bodies, whether we are trying to shed those unnecessary pounds or strengthen our hearts to keep us moving throughout the day. But did you know, exercise does more than just strengthen your body? It helps your brain too!

Women smiling while sitting in bed

Best Sleep Tips: REMember, we all need it!

Many of us are likely guilty of cutting our sleep cycles short, but good habits are a powerful way to stay healthy and improve wellness in many other segments of our lives.

post-operation supplements for speedy recovery

Supplements and Surgery: Part Two

What supplements can help with healing after surgery? Use this list by Dr. Ronald Hoffman MD as a guide.

Surgery prep supplements to avoid

Supplements and Surgery: Part One

If having surgery, there may be some supplements that should be avoided beforehand. Read more from guest Author Dr. Ronald Hoffman MD.

ways functional medicine is beneficial

8 Ways Integrative Medicine Benefits Patients

Have you considered integrative medicine in your medical practice? Find out ways Integrative Medicine can provide the best care to your patients.


How Are Herbs Named?

When you read your supplement labels, you might notice that herbs often have two words in brackets and italics after their name. Let's take you through the meaning and origin of these names.

travelling with medication

Travel Health Checklist: Avoid Getting Sick Abroad

Want to stay healthy and avoid getting sick traveling abroad? Use our ultimate personal travel health checklist to stay healthy.

prescribing supplements

5 Ways to Minimize Conflict of Interest When Prescribing Supplements

Dietary supplements can be very valuable for patient care, however there may be conflicting factors that arise when prescribing to patients.

Trusted Resources

Trusted Supplement Resources

It can be hard to stay up-to-date with the amount of information about supplements online and in the news. So we've put together some trusted resources for you.

seasonal allergies

11 Ways to Naturally Manage Outdoor Allergies

Allergens are virtually everywhere with prime allergy season upon us. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 11 natural ways to combat seasonal allergies that have been proven to work.

curcumin feature image


Curcumin is the plant-based chemical that gives turmeric its electric yellow colour. It’s most well studied as a treatment for inflammation caused by chronic conditions.

headache feature image blog (1)

Headaches: Hunting down the cause of your pain

Is your pain in the head a pain in the neck? Stress, certain foods, food additives and hormones can initiate headaches. Learn more from Dr. Ronald Hoffman MD.

Vitamin D sun fullscript sheep

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is involved with several important organ systems in the body and its deficiency can cause many different health problem



As a mineral, magnesium isn’t made, but sourced from ocean water (magnesium chloride) or mined from the Earth (magnesium oxide)

Multivitamins Fullscript


While the exact inclusion criteria of multivitamins isn’t standardized, they’re usually a combination of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and herbs.

Probiotics Fullscript Smart Dispensary


Key to maintaining a healthy microbial balance, probiotics are the group of “helpful” microorganisms within your gut.

Vitamin C supplements Fullscript smart dispensary

Vitamin C

It’s not just in your orange juice! Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for human survival. The human body does not produce vitamin C...

Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Made from one or several kinds of fish, Fish oil and its properties are commonly used for their anti-inflammatory effects.

Natural Treatment Options for IBD

Natural Treatment Options for IBD

There is no question that nutritional deficiencies play a prominent role in IBD.

cold and flu remedies

2 Supplements You Didn’t Know To Use For Cold and Flu Season

You have likely heard of Zinc, Echinacea, and Vitamin C and their roles in cold and flu prevention/treatment. But they aren't the only supplements...

nutrient depletions from prescriptions

7 Common Drug Types and Associated Nutrient Depletions

A great way to start using dietary supplements in practice is to prevent and correct nutrient depletions that occur from the use of common medications.

quality supplements

Always Authentic Products

A common concern when buying supplements online is that what’s in the bottle doesn’t match what’s written on the outside of the bottle.

GMP supplements

What is GMP and Why is it Important?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are checks and measures to ensure that supplements are authentic.

patient compliance

5 Ways to Improve Treatment Plan Compliance

Patient compliance is an important part of any therapeutic relationship and understanding how to improve the chance that patients follow through on your recommendations can be an easy way to improve patient outcomes.

hot tea next to a pine cone and dried cranberry

How To Help Your Patients Avoid The December Health Slump

It is evident that there is a slump in health-focused activities during the first month of winter, and we want to give you the tools and tips to avoid the December slump with your patients.

parkinsons disease natural medicine

Could Parkinson’s Disease be related to chronic infection?

An Ottawa-based neurologist is proposing a new theory that Parkinson’s disease could be related to a decades-long infection leading to immune system malfunction and development of neurological plaques.

Here’s The Data - Prescriptions Improve Your Practice

Here’s The Data – Prescriptions Improve Your Practice

Creating a personalized treatment plan can be a bit more time-consuming than a self-serve model, so is it worth it?

b12 toothpaste

Vitamin B12-fortified toothpaste improves vitamin status in vegans

A recent article has indicated that using vitamin B12-fortified toothpaste can help patients following a vegan diet maintain or improve serum and plasma levels of vitamin B12.

integrative medicine resources (1)

Resources We Love: Integrative & Functional Medicine

Here are some of the more influential educational hubs for healthcare practitioners to learn more about adopting a personalized approach to medicine.

top supplements october

Most Prescribed Supplements – October 2017

Here are the most prescribed supplements on Fullscript for October 2017

digestive health

Addressing Digestive Health Concerns with Canadian Catalogue Updates

According to the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, more than 20 million Canadians suffer from digestive health disorders every year.

top supplements july

Most Prescribed Supplements – July 2017

Each month, we’ll share what our community of more than 10,000 practitioners prescribe the most through Fullscript! Here are the most prescribed supplements on Fullscript for July 2017

womens health

Addressing Women’s Health with Canadian Catalogue Updates

Women experience a number of unique health challenges, including hormone imbalance like estrogen dominance, menopause symptoms, and infertility.

top prescribed supplements june

Most Prescribed Supplements – June 2017

Ever wonder what supplements other practitioners are prescribing to their patients? Each month, we’ll share what our community of practitioners prescribe the most.

most prescribed supplements may 2017

Most Prescribed Supplements – May 2017

Ever wonder what supplements other practitioners are prescribing to their patients? Here are the most prescribed supplements on Fullscript for May 2017

top prescribed supplements april

Most Prescribed Supplements – April 2017

Ever wonder what supplements other practitioners are prescribing to their patients?Here are the most prescribed supplements on Fullscript for April 2017.

most prescribed march 2017

Most Prescribed Supplements – March 2017

Ever wonder about what supplements other practitioners are prescribing to their patients? Here are the most prescribed supplements on Fullscript for March 2017.

top prescribed FEB 2017

Most Prescribed Supplements – February 2017

Ever wonder what supplements other practitioners are prescribing to their patients? Here are the most prescribed supplements on Fullscript for February 2017.

patient compliance

How to Write Effective Prescriptions

There is no doubt the Fullscript Virtual Prescription is a powerful tool. All of our successful practitioners use it and patient adherence is improved by 70% compared to a traditional online dispensary.

practice staff efficiency

How To Increase Your Practice Efficiency With Front Office Staff

Using Fullscript as part of your workflow, no matter how big or small your practice, has immense benefits—for both you and your patients.

Making sense of FDA’s cGMP on Supplements

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Dr. Warren Brown, a naturopathic physician and former member of the Bastyr Center for Natural Health’s Formulary Review Committee.

dr franne berez

In-Office Dispensary Case Study: Dr. Franne Berez, ND, MD

The In-Office Dispensary was created from the feedback we received from our practitioners, who wanted a tool that allows them to place orders for patients.

kias anford MS

Practitioner Spotlight: Kia Sanford, MS

My clients are my most important mentors. I know that sounds trite but it’s true.

Dr. Carly Snyder, M.D.

Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Carly Snyder, M.D.

This is a blog series profiling the philosophies, practices, and work spaces of integrative health professionals. This week we spoke with Dr. Carly Snyder, M.D.

Amy Day ND California

Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Amy Day, ND

This is a blog series profiling the philosophies, practices, and work spaces of integrative health professionals. This week we spoke with Dr. Amy Day, ND.


Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Isabel Sharkar, ND

This is a blog series profiling the philosophies, practices, and work spaces of integrative health professionals. This week we spoke with Dr. Isabel Sharkar, ND.

Dr. Aarti Patel, ND

Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Aarti Patel, ND

This is a blog series profiling the philosophies, practices, and work spaces of integrative health professionals. This week we spoke with Dr. Aarti Patel, ND.

Dr. Shawn Yakimovich, ND.

Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Shawn Yakimovich, ND

This is a blog series profiling the philosophies, practices, and work spaces of integrative health professionals. This week we spoke with Dr. Shawn Yakimovich, ND.

alanna dyment ND

Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Alanna Dyment, ND

This is a blog series profiling the philosophies, practices, and work spaces of integrative health professionals. This week we spoke with Dr. Alanna Dyment, ND, co-founder of Fullscript.

google apps hipaa compliant

Google Apps is HIPAA Compliant!

On September 27, 2013, Google quietly announced that it was allowing Google Apps users to sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA), which means Google...

patient compliance

Industry Leaders Share Tips on Improving Patient Compliance

Patient compliance is not a new challenge in the field of medicine, but it is arguably one of the most important challenges doctors face when treating patients.

dr mcelveen

Two Successful Practice Tips by the ND Who Wrote the Book On It

Have you ever wondered why there are so few business how-to’s written by a naturopathic doctor?

value of virtual dispensary

What is the Value in a Virtual Dispensary?

There is no question that having an online presence facilitates the awareness and delivery of your health care services.


Practitioner Spotlight: Dr. Jay Rappazzo, DC

Dr. Jay Rappazzo is a Chiropractor, Contemporary Medical Acupunctist, and Registered Massage Therapist.


Practitioner Spotlight: Jayda Siggers, PhD, Certified Nutritionist

Jayda Siggers, PhD is a nutritionist in Ottawa, Ontario who has been practicing for 2 years now. Fullscript recently got the chance to ask her why she uses our Smart Dispensary.