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Use your Fullscript student account to learn, practice, and grow in integrative medicine, so you can hit the ground running as soon as you’re ready to start your practice!

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The ultimate, free tool for people putting integrative health into practice.

Fullscript is a smart, intuitive platform for practitioners, students, and patients. With the industry’s most comprehensive catalog of supplements, it's a customizable and convenient virtual dispensary. But it’s also so much more.

Get industry-standard discounts off of products’ suggested retail price.

Use the Rx tool to practice writing treatment plans.

Order products from the catalog for yourself, or for friends and family.

Create categories, templates, and protocols to save time once you start writing treatment plans as a practitioner.

Access the Fullscript protocol library for decision support guides created by our medical advisory team and leading practitioners in the community.

Explore the catalog and its search functionality to learn about brands, similar products, ingredients, and common dosage settings.

Access to the medical education hub and practitioner resources, including patient handouts, clinical whitepapers, and guides to practice management.

Customize and brand your dispensary, and create website buttons.

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