Boost your patient list

We’ve provided ready-made emails for you to send to your patients who aren’t signed up to your virtual dispensary. Use these emails to introduce your patients to Fullscript to grow your practice and deliver care, from anywhere.

Here’s how it works:

  1. First, choose and download (or copy and paste) the format below that you’d like to share with your patients.
  2. Then, find your personal dispensary sign up link in your dispensary settings:
      1.  Login
      2. Go to Dispensary Settings
      3. Select Your Landing Page
      4. Copy the URL from your browser and add it to the “sign up here” button in the template.
  3. If you choose the Google Drive version, simply choose highlight the whole page and copy and paste into your own document. These versions are view-only and will not be editable until you paste it into your own platform.
    1. *Make sure to add your personal dispensary sign up link to the “sign up” button by highlighting the button, right-clicking, and choosing “link”. Paste your URL here and click “Apply”.
  4. If you choose the “HTML” version, download and import the HTML version into the template of your preferred e-blast or newsletter platform – we like using Mailchimp
    1. *Make sure you edit the code to add your personal dispensary sign up link as per the steps above.

Then, use our pre-written subject line and preview text, or create your own.

  • Subject line: I want to introduce you to Fullscript
  • Preview text: It ships to your door and helps you achieve wellness goals.

Finally, send it to your patients!

Margin Accounts – dispensaries that offer a discount

Non-Margin Accounts – dispensaries that don't offer a discount

This HTML template has been created using Mailchimp and may not be compatible when using other marketing platforms. Formatting may alter upon upload. Fullscript is not responsible for and is unable to provide technical support for this template. Use at own discretion. To save the HTML file, right-click the button and select “Save link as…”.


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