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Benefits to Running Supplement Promotions on a Virtual Dispensary

There is no disruption in a practitioner's workflow when running a sale, and if the promotion is successful, the payout with Fullscript is automatic.

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Practitioner Case Study: How Fullscript Practitioners Used Shareable Protocols to Increase Orders, Motivate Patients, and Grow Their Client Lists

Practitioners who use shareable protocols to offer one-to-many care have said it’s saved them time and helped them generate revenue.

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How To Optimize Your Practice With Integrative Medicine Protocols

Evidence-based protocols are not intended to dictate treatments, but rather to serve as a launchpad for patient care.

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9 Ways The Power Of Community Can Grow Your Medical Practice

Building a strong community connection as a practitioner is one of the most valuable ways to attract and retain new patients in your medical practice.

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Participatory Care: How Group Visits Are Essential to Its Growing Popularity

Running group visits in your practice can give your patients more agency in navigating their health journeys, and help you harness the power of community.

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Top Healthcare Technologies to Integrate in Your Virtual Practice

Healthcare technology integrations can provide many benefits including increasing access to care, improving patient outcomes, and streamlining workflow.

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Best Ways to Automate Your Virtual Dispensary

Automated healthcare solutions can save time and money and should be a key consideration for practitioners as healthcare continues to digitalize.

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2021 Supplement Trends: The Latest in Nutrition and Health Trends

Industry trends expected to be seen in 2021 include transparency, sustainability, naturally-sourced supplements, and plant-based products.

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Practitioner Case Study: Using a Virtual Dispensary for Chiropractic Care

With healthcare shifting towards telemedicine, Fullscript’s platform can help chiropractors optimize patient’s health journeys outside of office hours.