In June of 2018, Natural Partners merged with Fullscript. We’re working together to push integrative medicine, support practitioners as healthcare evolves, and most importantly, help people get better.

How Fullscript Chooses Its Brand Partners


Fullscript currently works with 300+ of the industry’s premier nutritional supplement and natural product manufacturers who strictly adhere to product safety, cGMP regulations, and the highest quality standards. Fullscript looks for Brand Partners who share our goal of pushing individual wellness to the center of healthcare by providing the highest quality professional products available.


Fullscript only supplies the highest-quality nutritional supplements to our healthcare practitioners so they can recommend what’s best to their patients. Prospective brand partners go through an extensive admission process. Our commitment to product safety, quality assurance, efficacious formulations, and robust category representation is what makes us a reliable resource.

Driving Growth

Once onboard, Fullscript supports its Brand Partners with various marketing opportunities to drive growth. We work closely with our Brand Partners to create compelling, evidence-based educational content to keep our practitioners informed and up-to-date on the latest research and developments in integrative health. As Fullscript grows, our brands grow with us.

Interested in Becoming a Brand Partner?

If you’re interested in distributing through Fullscript, please fill out the sign up form by clicking on the link below.

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