We’re here for you as you make the move to Fullscript

We know it’s a big change, but we’ll support you through the safe and secure process of migrating your account information to Fullscript.

To learn why we made this change to our platforms and how it will benefit you and your patients, please see our FAQs.

What you’ll get when you move to Fullscript

When you continue your dispensing with Fullscript, you’ll be able to easily build supplement plans that optimize your patients’ wellness journeys at zero cost.

Access the highest quality brands

325+ top brands

16,000+ products

Highest industry standards on supplement quality

Dispense supplements on your schedule

Patient mobile app to order products on-the-go

Autoship for easy, automatic refills to boost patient adherence

In-office checkout

Offer discounts that drive revenue

Cost for Fullscript = $0/month

Partner referral program

First-order discount

Connect with experts and resources

Chat, call, or email support

Educational tools to boost patient adherence

Large internal team of medical advisors

Expanded distribution centers for faster shipping

Continue your practice with Fullscript today!

A seamless migration experience for your patients

Your patients will need to migrate to Fullscript, too, so they can continue to easily follow your recommendations and access healthcare’s best supplements.

Rest assured that the process for them to transfer their Wellevate account information and history to Fullscript will be fast, easy, and secure.

Frequently asked questions

Why were Emerson Ecologics and Wellevate acquired by Fullscript?

Our collective efforts are built on a shared mission: helping people get better. Together, we can drive more meaningful patient outcomes and provide better tools to support practitioners.

What is Fullscript?

Fullscript is the leading online platform for practitioners to dispense healthcare’s best supplements — either from their clinic or to patients’ doors. Learn more about Fullscript here.

What if I access Wellevate through an EHR?

Fullscript is already integrated with Cerbo, Practice Better, ChARMHealth, Optimantra, BodySite, and more, so once migration is complete, you’ll be able to prescribe supplements to your patients using the familiar interface of your preferred EHR.

Once you migrate, you can find all of our integration partners in our Integrations Marketplace so you can quickly connect and continue your care.

What do these changes mean for my patients?

After you move your Wellevate account to Fullscript, we’ll initiate a personalized patient onboarding experience to help your patients get set up with your Fullscript dispensary. They’ll receive easy-to-follow instructions on how to use Fullscript based on how they had interacted with Wellevate.

Note: You can now get a preview of the Fullscript patient experience by accessing the resources in our practitioner toolkit.

Will all of the products available in the Wellevate catalog be available in the Fullscript catalog?

We’re continuing to build an improved catalog that’s filled with the top brands from Fullscript, Emerson Ecologics, and Wellevate.

If there’s a brand you don’t see, just ask us! Our Customer Success team can let you know if it’s on the way.

Will I still be able to migrate my account if Fullscript previously rejected my credentials?

Yes. If your credentials were approved on Wellevate they will automatically be pre-approved on Fullscript. If you’re experiencing any issues, please contact us.

Continue your practice with Fullscript today!

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