How to make the move to Fullscript

Practitioner and patient are moving to Fullscript platform

How to easily make the move to Fullscript

My practitioner has moved to Fullscript. How do I follow?

Enter your email address at the top of this page to see if your account is eligible for migration. Once you make the move, you’ll find all your Wellevate account information and history waiting for you at Fullscript!

I’m ready to migrate, but I’m not sure if my practitioner has done so. What do I do first?

Enter your email address above to see if your practitioner has migrated to Fullscript and if your account is eligible for migration, or ask your practitioner if they’ve moved to Fullscript.

My practitioner isn’t on Fullscript. How do I get started on the platform?

To purchase our products you’ll need to be connected to a provider’s Fullscript dispensary. Let your practitioner know creating a Fullscript dispensary is completely free, and they can learn more at

Move your patient account to Fullscript today!

What you’ll get when you move to Fullscript

When you continue your wellness journey with Fullscript, you’ll be able to easily order supplements 24/7 and stay on track with your supplement plan at zero cost.

High-quality supplements

Our brands align with strict industry standards and contain only evidence-based ingredients.

Great prices

Practitioner-driven pricing ensures that you’re getting MSRP or less on all products in the Fullscript catalog.

Helpful Features

Stay on track with your supplement routine with helpful features like Autoship and our iOS mobile app.

Frequently asked questions

What is Fullscript?

Our collective efforts are built on a shared mission: helping people get better. Together, we can drive more meaningful patient outcomes and provide better tools to support practitioners.

Why has my practitioner moved to Fullscript?

Wellevate, the virtual dispensary your practitioner has historically used to recommend supplements, is now part of Fullscript. As of October 2023, the Wellevate platform will be closed and patients will be offered an enhanced wellness experience on the Fullscript website. This gives you and your practitioner the combined benefit of the expertise, people, and technology of both platforms.

What does this change mean for me?

As of October 2023, your patient account will no longer be accessible. If your practitioner has already made the move to Fullscript, you’ve probably received easy-to-follow instructions on how to use Fullscript and continue to conveniently order safe, high-quality supplements. If you’re unsure if your practitioner has moved to Fullscript, go ahead and enter your email address at the top of this page to see if your account is eligible to migrate.

Will I still have access to my Wellevate order history and personalized recommendations?

Yes, when you move your Wellevate account to Fullscript, your Wellevate order history and personalized recommendations move with you. Access them anytime by going to the Wellevate tab of your order history page (where you see the “W” logo).

What has happened to my Auto-Refills?

Your Auto-Refills have been canceled with the closure of Wellevate. However, as soon as you access your Fullscript account, you can start scheduling recurring orders using Autoship. Autoship works the same way as Wellevate’s refill program and comes with more features, so it’s even easier to stay on track with your supplement plan.

Will all of the products available in the Wellevate catalog be available in the Fullscript catalog?

Fullscript carries many of healthcare’s best-loved supplements. We’re continuing to expand our catalog by adding a variety of brands to Fullscript that were previously available on Wellevate to help close the gap between our two catalogs. If a supplement you’re looking for doesn’t appear in the Fullscript catalog, please get in touch with our Customer Success Team who can let you know if it’s on the way.

An optimized patient experience

Enter your email address to see if your practitioner has migrated to Fullscript and if your account is eligible for migration.