Dear Valued Customer,

I am writing you a little late, but please understand that we needed some time to ensure we fully understood the situation before communicating our stance to you, our practitioners. The following is my heartfelt and honest opinion, shared by my team at Fullscript, and many of our customers who have already reached out to provide their thoughts and support.

As you may have heard, Thorne Research has decided to engage in an exclusive distribution partnership with Emerson Ecologics. As a result, their products will no longer be available through the Fullscript platform. The parties involved likely take the position that, “this is business” and a “winning” move for their bottom line. To me, this isn’t just business, and we define “winning” differently.

The evolution of medicine requires an ecosystem that rows together – an ecosystem that is dedicated to practice success, patient success, and industry success. Creating an ecosystem in which every member is equally dedicated to the success of integrative medicine is especially important in this industry. Practicing integrative medicine is hard. Patient compliance to a comprehensive treatment plan that includes supplements, diet, and lifestyle change is hard. Challenging the status quo of conventional medicine is not only hard, it is comparable to pushing a boulder up a mountain. We all need to get behind that boulder and push together.

This is not about selling pills in a box for us. We currently have over 600,000 prescriptions under management at Fullscript, and we are dedicated to supporting each and every one. Decisions like this, that are made without consideration of the disruption it will cause to patient treatment or a practitioner’s business, are downright irresponsible.

Fullscript will never sign an exclusive agreement with any brand or partner. We will be open and supportive of you, and we will continue to be intrinsically dedicated to ensuring that your patients have access to everything they need in order to be successful in their path to wellness.

We started Fullscript because we were inspired by practitioners like you. We want to join you in changing the way health is prescribed. We are pushing that boulder up the mountain with you, and we will continue to do everything it takes to connect conventional medicine with completeness – to make medicine functional, integrative, and focused on what is best for the patient. This is our commitment and I am grateful to be a part of this amazing ecosystem of dedicated healthcare providers. I am even more grateful for your continued support.

Please do not hesitate to contact Fullscript with questions or comments. I welcome an open discussion on the topic.

In solidarity,

Kyle Braatz

CEO, Fullscript