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SpectraCell advancing health through scientific and objective assessments is key to personalized wellness.

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The SpectraCell Advantage

Superior insights, earlier interventions, and customized treatment plans now supported by Fullscript.

Your body is unique and your story is too. Virtually all metabolic and developmental processes that take place in the body require micronutrients and strong evidence suggests that subtle vitamin, mineral, and antioxidant deficiencies can contribute to degenerative processes. These cellular deficiencies may suggest the underlying cause of a myriad of unwanted symptoms and, if corrected, can optimize physical and mental health performance. We partnered with Fullscript to provide an easy avenue for dispensing and monitoring personalized treatment plans and decision-support in the form of a large cohesive catalog, protocols, and ingredient library.


We measure the functional level and capability of 31 nutrients present within your white blood cells, where metabolism takes place and where micronutrients do their job.


Fullscript has partnered with the best professional-grade supplement brands to ensure you have what you need to provide effective patient care.


Measure the progress your patient is making and adjust protocols with additional insights gained from retesting.


You now have all the tools you need to successfully create a path to wellness.

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  • Test for Better Outcomes Philosophy
  • Functional Assessments – MNT & LPP
  • Cell-Mediated Immune Response
  • Nutrient Deficiency Analysis
  • Prevailing Contemporary Tests (COVID19)

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“I have been searching for a well designed online supplement solution for a long time. Fullscript has been a perfect solution and has fit the perfect niche in the marketplace. Their web design is simple and appealing and their customer service has been excellent. If this is your first foray into online supplement sales for your practice, the Fullscript team will help you and your patients make it through the small learning curve without any problems.”

Dr. Jerry Duggar, DC

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“As a busy practitioner, I know how much work it is to run my own formulary and online store. That’s work that I have so gratefully been able pass into the capable hands at Fullscript. Patients appreciate the easy access and fast service, the quality guarantees, and the broad selection both from my personal Fullscript formulary and beyond. Having Fullscript as an extension of my practice has allowed me to focus on what is important to me – patient care – while they focus on their expertise – quality supplement delivery.”

Dr. Aviva Romm, MD

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