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Natural Stress Relief: Best Strategies and Supplements for Stress Management

To manage stress, pay attention to your body, mood, and behavioral warning signs while incorporating several strategies into your daily routine.

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How Stress Effects Hormonal Health For Women

Stress and the stress hormones from the adrenal glands have far-reaching effects on health, they can imbalance hormones.

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How Does Stress Affect the Body?

Stress can affect our moods and our ability to think clearly. It can also weaken the immune system and make us more susceptible to getting sick.

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Mitochondria Support: Lifestyle Factors You Need To Know About

Just as diet directly impacts the health and function of mitochondria, so do specific lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, and stress.

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The Role of Adaptogens in Stress And Fatigue Management

Adaptogens can improve the body’s nonspecific resistance to internal and external stressors, normalizing body functions, and maintaining homeostasis.

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The HPA Axis and Stress Management: An Introduction

The HPA axis involves the interaction between the hypothalamus, the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, and adrenal glands.

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Combat Adrenal Fatigue: Diet, Exercise, And More

Support the adrenal glands with a comprehensive lifestyle approach that includes a healthy diet, exercise, and diverse stress management techniques.

3 Factors That Influence Weight Gain

Sometimes, weight gain can come from stress, hormonal imbalance, or even an undiagnosed or diagnosed illness.

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Natural Lifestyle Approaches to Optimize Cognitive Health

Incorporating lifestyle and wellness smart strategies into your life can keep you mentally sharp and help protect against future cognitive decline.