Fullscript is committed to going GREEN and continuously working on new ways to minimize the environmental impact of our packaging. Help us by recycling or upcycling your packaging!


Bubble Envelopes / Bubble Wrap / Plastics

These are 100% recyclable!
Most municipalities won’t accept them as part of curbside recycling, however many grocery stores run plastics drop-off programs. You can find a comprehensive list of drop-off locations here.

But why can’t I just put them out with the rest of the recycle?
Lightweight plastics (like sandwich bags, plastic grocery bags, and our poly bubble mailers) tend to get tangled up in the automated sorting machines at recycling facilities.


Cardboard Boxes

These are 100% recyclable (even the paper tape used to seal them!)
Pop out the sides, flatten the box, and put it out with your paper recycling.


Cold Packs

Our cold packs are filled with a non-toxic water and salt gel designed to get colder than ice! Stick them back in the freezer for future picnics and lunches. Once you’re done reusing them, let them melt, cut open the bag, and pour the solution down the drain using hot water to dissolve the gel.


Insulated Liners

Believe it or not, these are also 100% recyclable! They’re made from FSC-certified cardboard, and pulper-safe metallized film.
Take them out of the box, flatten, and put it out with your paper recycling.

We’re always looking to improve our packaging! Let us know what you think [email protected]