An introduction to protocols

Fullscript makes recommending dietary supplements easy by providing integrative protocols based on research, clinical, and industry expertise.

Providing guidance on the most relevant therapies, protocols act as a foundation for treatment plans. You can use them as a starting point, customizing them for patient treatment plans that may require adjustments to account for individual needs, such as dietary restrictions and allergies. 

They can also be used to build shareable wellness protocols, which support a common health goal, and are made available to all your patients. A link to a shareable wellness protocol can be shared outside of your dispensary for new and existing patients. When using protocols, you should use your clinical judgment to customize each plan or determine if it’s appropriate to share with all patients.

The following sections provide a variety of protocols developed by Fullscript’s Integrative Medical Advisory Team or curated by thought leaders and practitioners within the field of integrative medicine. Fullscript Protocols can be found in the platform, and are ready to use when building a recommendation. Brand and Influencer protocol templates can be easily added to your catalog for future use by selecting the “Upload template” button found at the top of each protocol.