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Super Antioxidant EVOO Liquid

30 mL, throughout the day for cooking and on salads


Super Antioxidant EVOO Softgels

1 softgel, once daily 

The ketogenic diet requires that the macronutrient ratio of the diet shift substantially from mostly carbohydrates to mostly fat, then protein, and a tiny amount of carbohydrates (usually <25g/day). Wellgrove has a plethora of healthy fat options, from liquid EVOO, great for using in cooking; powders, great for using in shakes; and softgels.

Complementary ingredients:

Comprehensive Multivitamin

1 serving, once daily 

Some of the limitations of a ketogenic diet make it difficult to obtain all of the essential nutrients that the body needs in order to function at its best, so adding a comprehensive multivitamin is always a great idea for the keto patient.


1 serving, once daily

Supplementing with BHB is a great way to help with the transition to ketosis, or for a boost after a cycled-in higher carb consumption day. Research has shown that exogenous BHB supplementation can help to increase blood ketone levels. (1)

Supplemental Materials

Supplemental materials have been provided by Wellgrove for the purpose of this protocol
  1. Increase your salt intake to counteract the keto flu that often happens as your body transitions to using ketones as an energy source
  2. Exercise frequently. Exercise helps your body transition to ketosis and burn fat. 
  3. Make sure to get enough sleep. Sleep is crucial for overall health but super important for successful weight loss.


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