Host Defense

Immune Modulation

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Immune Modulation

Host Defense:

Stamets 7 Capsules OR Liquid Extract

2 caps daily OR 1 ml, 2 x daily

Explanation: Daily overall immune support. Promotes respiratory, digestive, circulatory, cellular, lymphatic, and systemic functions for foundational immunity.

Key Features: Stamets7 was highlighted in International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms in a study on synergy – demonstrated a 33% stronger increase in Natural Killer cells and Macrophages than a single mushroom species at the same dose.


Immune Strength Liquid Herb

3-5 mLs, 4 x daily

Explanation: This unique blend of herbs is an excellent long-term tonic to balance the immune system whether deficient or overactive.

Key Features: Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Fu Zheng Therapy, this formula strives to restore balance and energy to the body so it is more equipped to deal with the symptoms of chronic diseases. This compound strengthens the Chinese kidney, spleen and lung, and thus tonifies the Qi. From a physiological perspective it enhances the immune reservoir, improves digestion, and normalizes immune activity.



Super Astragalus Liquid Capsules

2 capsules daily

Explanation: Convenient capsules with the concentration of a liquid botanical to encourage overall immune system health, stamina, and endurance to physical and emotional stress.

Key Features: Deep immune & adrenal tonic – builds the Defensive Qi. Astragalus is a Yin tonic and is immuno- modulating. Schisandra berry supports HPA axis and is a very good antioxidant for liver (increases SOD and GSH).


Daily Immune Shot

2 tsp, 2 x daily

Explanation: A dose of a fermented oregano to support a healthy immune system and promote gut health; loaded with enzymes, B vitamins, micronutrients and organic acids for gut repair.

Key Features: Fermentation of oregano maintains the antibiotic effect for pathogenic bacteria without harming beneficial bacteria. Carvacrol and other phytocompounds are transformed into their most bioavailable forms. Antimicrobial & Antispasmodic effects are increased