CV Acute

Adults: 2 servings three times daily. Adolescents (10-18): 1 serving three times daily. Consult a healthcare practitioner for use beyond 7 days. Shake well before use. Use as a dietary supplement.

 A valuable botanical formula to maintain immune and respiratory health at times when protection is needed the most. Clinically researched wide spectrum proprietary immune formula:

  1. Hundreds of published scientific studies on formula and ingredients
  2. Cited by the World Health Organization (WHO) for immune system challenges
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) immune support formula
  4. Used in hospitals (TCM)
  5. Safely used in children in TCM for over 50 years
  6. 100% plant-based formula
  7. 60 trials highlighted in the CV Sciences Science Report

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CV Defense

As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules daily for immune support. For high-intensity support, take 2 capsules twice daily. 

Nutritional support for barrier immunity, innate immunity, and adaptive immunity. Clinically supported wide spectrum proprietary formula:

  1. Doctor formulated with evidence-based ingredients
  2. Supported by 800+ research papers with 39 clinical studies (PEA)
  3. Vitamin A and zinc cited by the WHO for respiratory health
  4. Selenium to support immune cell function – supports Natural Killer Cells
  5. Organic Reishi extract with concentrated 1-3, 1-6-beta-glucan

Product information video for  CV Defense

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