Chronic Bowel Inflammation

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Chronic Bowel Inflammation

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Chronic Bowel Inflammation

Note: Those with IBD are at higher risk for hyperhomocysteinemia due to genetic predispositions (MTHFR).
As with any autoimmune condition, consider a microbial trigger and dysbiosis.

Total Protocol Duration: 12 weeks

IBD Relief or Pro GI Calm

2 capsules, twice per day for 2 weeks before food, week 1 to 12+

Description: A synergistic combo of anti-inflammatory ingredients. Reduces diarrhea.

Curcumin Active or Pro Curcumin

1 capsule, twice per day with food, week 1 to 12+

Acute flare-up: 2 capsules, 2 to 3 times per day for 1 week.

Note: 1 cap (133 mg) = 13 g std curcumin 95%.

Description: Optimized absorption delivering free form curcumin.

Pro GSH Boost

1 capsule, twice per day with food, week 1 to 12+

Description: Increase local intestinal glutathione to reduce oxidative damage to enterocytes.


1 capsule, three times per day with food, week 1 to 12+

Description: Studied combination of probiotics that promote butyrate production, bifidobacterium growth and reduce intestinal pH.

Pro GI Repair

1 scoop, twice per day with food, week 1 to 12+

Description: Anti-inflammatory and promotes the healing of GI lining.

Optional: Methylcobalamin or Pro Methylcobalamin

1 lozenge, once per day, week 1 to 12+

Description: High dose of the active form of B12 to promote production of SAMe, increase energy and replenish nutritional deficiencies.

Optional: Pro Phase II Detox

2 capsules, twice per day with or without food, week 1 to 12+

Description: Helps increase glutathionization (broccoli extract) and upregulates clearance of endotoxins.



The following may be considered according to requirements for additional support.

  • AOR’s Vitamin D to modify Secretory IgA (sIgA) and enhance anti-microbial peptides. Vitamin D is a steroid nuclear regulator important in innate and adaptive immune regulation. Those with IBD have a 2.28 fold increase of vitamin D deficiency.
  • Pro Quercetin or Pro Bioflavonoids to modulate histamine, leukotrienes and COX2 enzyme activity.

Alterations in estrogen signalling have been implicated in the pathogenesis of IBD. Estrogen acts as a nuclear factor, influencing immune-mediated processes and inflammation. For women, consider:

  • Pro Estro Support to decrease beta-glucuronidase to regulate estrogen elimination.
  • Pro Fem Balance as a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM), which modulates ER that have been linked to colonic inflammation and implicated in the pathogenesis of IBD.


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