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MetaKids™ Nutrition Powder

1 scoop (27 g) daily

MetaKids™ DHA

Two softgels once daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner

Multigenics® Chewable

Children 2 to 4 years: Take one tablet daily

Children 4 to 7 years: Take one tablet one to two times daily

Children over 7 and adults: Take one tablet three times daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner

Multigenics Chewable is a high-quality multiple vitamin and mineral supplement with excellent nutrient bioavailability designed especially for children or for those adults who prefer a chewable tablet. 

  • Provides an essential, comprehensive foundation for optimal health in a delicious chewable form.
  • Delivers mineral amino acid chelates designed to be highly absorbable, ratio-balanced B vitamins, and broad-spectrum antioxidant protection.
  • Contains Caro-xan®, a proprietary blend of beta-carotene and Betatene® mixed carotenoids for balanced antioxidant protection.


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