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Aging – Skin Health

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Aging – Skin Health

Protocol development in integrative medicine is not typically a simple process. Individuals require individualized care, and what works for one patient may not work for another.

To establish these protocols, we first developed a Rating Scale that could be used to discern the rigor of evidence supporting a specific nutrient’s therapeutic effect.

The following protocols were developed using only A through D-quality evidence.

Systematic review or meta-analysis of human trials
RDBPC human trials
2+ studies and/or 1 study with 50 + subjects
Non-RDBPC human or In-vivo animal trials

Aging – Skin Health


Total of 2.5-10g per day, minimum 4 weeks2,3,4,5,6,7,8

  • Collagen supplementation increases skin hydration, elasticity, and dermal collagen density1
  • Type I collagen hydrolysate derived from fish has been shown to improve wrinkles and roughness, as well as increase collagen density, skin firmness, skin moisture, and skin elasticity2,7,8
  • Bioactive collagen peptides have been shown to reduce skin wrinkles, have a positive effect on dermal matrix synthesis, and increase procollagen type 1 and elastin3,4
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Hyaluronic Acid

Oral: 120mg, once per day, minimum 6 weeks9,10
Topical: Apply 0.1% hyaluronan formulations, twice per day, minimum 2 months12

  • Oral hyaluronic acid has been shown to increase skin moisture content and skin elasticity9,11
  • Compared to placebo, greater improvements in wrinkle volume ratio, wrinkle area ratio, and whole sulcus volume ratio were observed when oral hyaluronic acid was administered10
  • Significant reduction in wrinkles was observed when oral hyaluronic acid was consumed for more10
  • Topical hyaluronic acid administration produced greater improvements in skin hydration, skin firmness, overall elasticity, and wrinkle depth when compared to placebo12,13,14

For a more detailed review of collage, refer to the Fullscript reference sheet: https://fullscript.com/hcp/collagen

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The Fullscript Integrative Medical Advisory team has developed or collected these protocols from practitioners and supplier partners to help health care practitioners make decisions when building treatment plans. By adding this protocol to your Fullscript template library, you understand and accept that the recommendations in the protocol are for initial guidance and may not be appropriate for every patient.

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