Dr. Mona Morstein, ND Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Morstein is a naturopathic physician in Tempe, AZ and has been working with diabetic patients for over 25 years. She has developed a diebetic specialty product called Diamend. Product formulations are available on Fullscript.

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The Story Behind Diamend

My name is Dr. Mona Morstein, and I am a naturopathic physician in Tempe, AZ. I have been working with diabetic patients for over 25 years. There are a lot of diabetic patients: 29 million in the US, 300 million world-wide. There are 89 million pre-diabetic patients in the US, as well. Unfortunately, in conventional care diabetes is not well treated, and most diabetic patients are poorly controlled. As a result, many of them suffer from diabetic complications, caused by oxidative damage. Diabetes is the #1 reason adults go blind and wind up on kidney dialysis. It’s the second reason adults have amputations, after trauma.

A comprehensive diabetic protocol should include investigating—and treating if it is a true etiological factor—diet, exercise, stress management, sleep quality, the state of the intestines and microbiome, and environmental toxin burden. Then, supplements need to be given as they are beneficial in many ways: reduce insulin resistance, treat nutritional deficiencies, reduce lipids/cholesterol, improve energy and mood, protect the body from oxidative damage, help reducing hypertension, reduce carb and sweet cravings… there are many excellent benefits to supplementation.

I think every diabetic patient should be on a good multiple, fish oil, and diabetic specialty products. Early on, I had to use several bottles from different companies to get in the ingredients I wanted, and that added up pretty quickly to patients. I also noticed that many products had “window dressing,” that is, contained good ingredients but at ridiculously low dosages. I finally decided that I need to create my own product – and Diamend was born.

At the maximum dosage of 7 capsules, Diamend contains therapeutic values of: chromium, vanadium and zinc; R-ALA, gymnema sylvestre; berberine; benfotiamine; bilberry; curcumin; NAC; and green tea extract. No window dressing!

Patients find it really helps lower their cravings, glucose and A1C values, have more energy, and helps keeps them on their diet. It has been helpful at reducing complications and helping patients heal up from neuropathy and nephropathy.

If your patients has prediabetes or diabetes, this is the product you have been looking for!

In health,
Dr. Mona Morstein



Diamend has been specifically designed to support patients who are overweight, obese, or have a history of blood sugar issues. It is unique, comprehensive, and uses evidence-based ingredients.

There is no other product on the market that contains such a comprehensive blend of ingredients and at doses supported by scientific literature.