Continuing education

We’ve partnered with some of the top educational leaders in integrative, functional and naturopathic medicine to bring you industry-leading resources, helping you to expand your knowledge and improve patient care.

American Institute of Integrative Oncology

This online Foundations of Integrative Oncology Course will help you improve patient outcomes, provide real cancer prevention and recovery, expand your practice, develop expertise, and change the lives of your patients.

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American Nutrition Association

Join the American College of Nutrition®, engage with the Center for Nutrition Advocacy and become a Certified Nutrition Specialist®. Equip yourself with nutrition programs, an annual conference, and continuing education credits for qualified professionals.

Fullscript practitioners receive a 10% discount on all certifications and educational materials.

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Dr. Kara Fitzgerald Education

Join Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, her team, and community of expert colleagues for a one-of-a-kind Functional Medicine professional development program. With three different access options, including live mentorship with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald and her colleagues, you can choose the best option for your needs.

Fullscript practitioners receive a 10% discount on Clinic Immersion products by applying the code Fullscript10 at checkout. 

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Evidence Based Nutrition

Through comprehensive and integrative seminars, Evidence Based Nutrition provides simple, safe and ready-to-use protocols designed for alternative and integrative medical practitioners with any level of nutritional understanding.

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Health Optimization Medicine Association

HOMe is shifting the paradigm away from illness and cultivating healthiness by applying the sciences of Clinical Metabolomics, Gut Microbiota, Bioenergetics, Epigenetics, Evolutionary Biology, and Exposomics.

The currently available Clinical Metabolomics module provides 45 CME credits for a value of US$2000.00, with several more modules set to launch in late 2019.

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