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Increase your Practice Efficiency

Prescribe professional-grade supplements through Fullscript

For any clinic shifting to functional medicine, one of the most unsavory parts is working out how to be truly empathetic with patients about supplementation. There are significant quality challenges with consumer-facing supplement brands you might find in Walmart or GNC, and the professional supplement world (there are 200+ brands that sell only through providers) has been somewhat thrown into disarray by the Internet, specifically Amazon undercutting the traditional markup made by practitioners. When Functional Medicine becomes the standard of care, it will not be okay for doctors to make money from supplement sales, but doctors are currently in the “space between stories” and so we recommend a service that allows you total brand fexibility and a great technology platform to maximize retention and compliance. That service is Fullscript.

With Fullscript, physicians can e-prescribe supplements to patients, without having to carry a massive amount of inventory in an office or warehouse. Products can easily be purchased and refilled without having to visit the office. This ongoing communication portal allows doctors to make recommendations and monitor what patients are taking. This is so much more efficient for patients and practitioners, who don’t need to keep inventory in stock and can keep overhead costs low. This capital can then be put toward new patient acquisition, which should be a greater priority for new practices.