Software Overview

Learn about the bells & whistles under the hood of Fullscript.

Beautiful design.

Customize your patient landing page to match your own branding. Choose from a range of hand-selected beautiful photos to create an experience your patients will love.

Patient landing page

Personalized prescriptions.

Improve patient safety by sending personalized product recommendations directly to your patients via email or SMS. This helps ensure your patients order the right products and can easily stick to the plan you've created for them.

Patient landing page

Build your own catalog.

With access to 300+ professional brands, you can build your own custom catalog of all your favorite products. This makes it faster and easier for both you and your patients to find the right products.

Customize your Fullscript catalog

Advanced search.

Fullscript advanced search lets you filter products based on format, dietary restrictions, strength, and other criteria that makes it faster and easier to narrow your search.

Fullscript Advanced Search

Smart refill reminders.

Automated refill reminders are sent to patients based on the dosage instructions for each product. This helps improve continuity of care since your patients can easily order a 30, 60, or 90 day supply.

Fullscript Advanced Dosage

Works on all devices.

Fullscript improves patient accessibility since your patients can easily fill their orders anytime, anywhere, from any device (Apple / PC / iOS / Android).

Fullscript on Desktop, iPad, and iPhone

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