Benefits of a Virtual Dispensary

There are many not-so-talked-about challenges with carrying onsite inventory. Going virtual allows you to focus on what you love while we take care of the rest.

Save time & money by optimizing your workflow.

Managing a physical dispensary is hard work: managing accounts with suppliers, the capital cost for inventory, placing orders, unpacking boxes, stocking shelves. It’s a lot of stress, hassle, and unnecessary business overhead with very little business reward. Fullscript offers the same business benefits of an onsite dispensary, but with zero overhead.

Prescribe supplements from a limitless inventory.

Access to the right product when your patient needs it is critical. Fullscript gives you access to more than 20,000 professional-grade supplements from over 300 top brands, which means you aren’t limited to recommending only the products carried on your shelf.

More personalized and convenient for patient refills.

Many patients prefer to refill their supplements by ordering online, since it is often more convenient than driving to your office or a local health store.

Improve and measure patient adherence.

Fullscript allows you to create personalized recommendations for each patient and monitor their ongoing purchase behaviour. This lets you keep a pulse on your patients adherence to your supplement protocols and helps them stay on track.

No supplement expiry dates.

One of the most costly pitfalls of an onsite dispensary is ensuring products don’t expire. Throwing away expired products can often make the difference of profit vs loss for a dispensary business, and Fullscript helps mitigate this risk completely. Beyond the cost of writing off products, there is also liability on the clinic if an expired products is sold to a patient who has an adverse reaction. As such, ensuring your staff are not selling expired products becomes an essential administrative yet time-consuming effort for clinic staff.

Available 24/7 to your patients.

Unlike an onsite dispensary, your Fullscript dispensary is always open for business. Your patients will love it since they can re-order their supplements on their own time without having to visit your office or a health store during regular business hours. In fact, most patient orders on Fullscript are placed in the evening when your office is closed.

No investment capital required.

Unlike an onsite dispensary that requires large upfront capital costs to invest in inventory, Fullscript improves cashflow for your clinic since it provides a simple positive revenue stream without tying up capital.

Grow your practice.

Fullscript helps free up time and capital so you can invest in other areas of your business. Imagine all the capital tied up in inventory could be spent on initiatives that actually drive the business forward. Most clinics that have made the switch to Fullscript end up reallocating their new found time and capital into practice growth and patient acquisition/retention.

Better accessibility for patients with disabilities.

Fullscript improves the accessibility of your dispensary for patients with disabilities who might have difficulty traveling to your clinic to refill their supplements. Ordering online is the obvious choice to ensure they receive the care they need.

Practice without boundaries - treat patients remotely.

Fullscript makes it easier to treat patient who live far away since there are no physical barriers to getting the supplements they need. Fullscript is also more convenient for doctors (and patients) who conduct phone consultation and virtual visits since the patient can easily checkout online with an email or SMS prescription.

Improve patient safety with authentic supplements.

Recent reports have shown an increase in counterfeit supplements on online retailers like Amazon. Fullscript is the safer choice for your patients since you can trust their products are coming from a reliable source.

Reduce accounting overhead.

Fullscript simplifies accounting, taxation, and reporting for your clinic since we handle all patient transactions. This eliminates the need for complicated point-of-sale software and inventory management systems. We also take care of retail sales tax and government filings, which helps reduce administrative overhead on your bookkeeper and office staff.

Reduce practitioner conflict of interest.

Practitioners who have an onsite dispensary are often more likely to favour products that are on their shelves, and inventory decisions can often be driven by which suppliers offer a greatest discount/margin for the clinic. Fullscript helps eliminate the possibility of practitioners bias since they have access to every product from every brand and can choose the exact product to fit the patients’ needs without limitation.

Make your practice location proof.

Anyone who has moved their clinic to a new location can attest to how painful it can be to either migrate physical inventory, or sell off the inventory below cost as a loss to the business. Fullscript eliminates this risk since your virtual dispensary follows you wherever you go.

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Fullscript is a technology company. Our team is obsessed with creating simple software that is thoughtfully designed with you and your patients in mind. Learn about the bells & whistles we keep under the hood.

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Fullscript is the industry-leader in product breadth, allowing you to instantly prescribe from our continually growing catalog of over 20,000+ of the highest quality health products from over 300 top professional-brands.