Designed for practitioners that don’t want to profit from the sale of supplements, but still want to prescribe, Fullscript is excited to introduce No Profit accounts.

Benefits of having a No Profit Fullscript account include:

  • Reducing administrative overhead (no taxes as Fullscript is seller of record)
  • Automatically provide a 10% discount off MSRP to patients
  • Sign up quickly and explore the Fullscript platform before deciding whether you wish to make a profit.

How it works

Previously, on the activation page of signup, practitioners were asked to provide extensive information to verify their account for a Profit account.

fullscript previous sign-up

With Fullscript’s No Profit feature, practitioners are asked for minimal information to activate their account.

fullscript no profit account signup

On signup, a new store will by default be a No Profit account. Once a practitioner has successfully created their account, a banner will appear to remind them that they are currently a no margin account and as such, currently not making a profit from any orders placed on their dispensary.

If a practitioner decides that they do wish to activate their dispensary to a Profit account they will be directed to the Tax Information page (below). This will allow them to enter their business information to convert their dispensary to take a profit. Once converted to a margin account this action cannot be reversed.

If a practitioner wishes to choose the “Stay no-profit” option, the banner will no longer appear for that store and they they can continue using their store as they were.

NOTE: Any orders placed on the No-Profit account before converting to a Profit account will not have profit or be retroactively allocated once converted to a margin account.

If you are interested in learning more about No Profit accounts please contact us, or comment below. We’d love to hear from you!