Updated December 2022

What this means for you

We have no plans at this time to drastically change your Emerson Ecologics account.

We plan to start migrating accounts from Wellevate to Fullscript in the spring of 2023 as we work towards closing Wellevate.

Until you hear from us with next steps, continue enjoying your accounts the same way you always have.

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Virtual dispensing options

If you have an existing Wellevate account, keep using it until we let you know we’re ready to move your account to Fullscript.

Want to start dispensing virtually and don’t have an existing Wellevate account?

Frequently asked questions

Why were Emerson Ecologics and Wellevate acquired by Fullscript?

Our collective efforts are built on a shared mission — helping people get better. Together, we can fuel more meaningful patient outcomes and provide better tools to support practitioners.

We’re in the process of combining the best of our platforms into an even better experience. During this exciting time, supporting you and your patients is what matters most to us.

What’s happening to my Wellevate account?

Right now, it’s best to use your existing Wellevate account the same way you always have. If you don’t have an existing Wellevate account and want to begin dispensing virtually, you can create an account with Fullscript.

In the spring of 2023, we’ll start migrating Wellevate accounts to Fullscript. We’re working to ensure Fullscript has the best-loved features, pricing, brands, and products from Wellevate.

No changes will be made until we’re sure it’s going to be a seamless, secure, and fast transition for you and your patients.

When will changes begin to happen?

In a scheduled series of organized groups, we’ll begin moving practitioners and their patients from Wellevate to Fullscript starting in the spring of 2023. No action is needed from you until you hear from us with next steps!

What’s happening to my Emerson Ecologics account?

We expect your experience to remain the same, for the most part. Shipping policies will be maintained, and we will support the Emerson Ecologics environment — even replicating aspects of it in the Fullscript platform.

What does the acquisition mean for my patients?

After Wellevate practitioners move to Fullscript, we’ll initiate a personalized patient onboarding experience to help them get set up with your Fullscript dispensary. Patients will receive clear instructions on how to use Fullscript to meet their needs, based on how they’ve previously interacted with Wellevate and/or Fullscript.

Practitioners will receive a sneak peek into the Fullscript patient experience before migrating, as well as tools and resources to help you support your patients through the change.

Fullscript is also working on a world-class patient mobile app. Wellevate patients who use the mobile app will get exclusive early access!

Can I sign up for Fullscript if I already have a Wellevate account?

If you have an existing Wellevate account, we recommend using it until we are ready to move Wellevate accounts over to Fullscript. If you want to start dispensing virtually and don’t have an existing Wellevate account, create an account with Fullscript.

If you sign up to explore Fullscript ahead of time, use the same email address as your Wellevate account to make for a seamless transition in the future.

If you sign up for Fullscript before we’re ready to migrate you, just know there won’t yet be a way to transfer your information over until our migration process begins.

Why can’t my patients and order history be transferred over to Fullscript now

We won’t migrate any of our Wellevate practitioners or patients until we’re sure it’s going to be a seamless, secure, and fast transition of your important account information.

When the platform is ready, you’ll be notified and we’ll be here to help from start to finish, avoiding any disruption to your workflow and patient care. We’ll make the transition to Fullscript as smooth as possible.

What if I access Wellevate through an EHR?

Fullscript is already integrated with Cerbo, Practice Better, ChARM, Optimantra, and Bodysite. This means after migrating, you’ll be able to prescribe supplements to your patients using the familiar interface of your preferred EHR. When it comes to your patients, Fullscript will become the place your patients go to access wellness instead of Wellevate.

Changes for EHR users won’t begin until the summer of 2023. So until you hear from us with next steps, keep using Wellevate through your EHR the same way you always have.

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We’re always here to help

We’ve been working hard over the past few months to merge our support teams, helping them become experts on each platform. You should now find that interactions are fast, compassionate, and back to the world-class level of support you’ve come to expect from Emerson Ecologics, Wellevate, and Fullscript

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