How Are Herbs Named?

When you read your supplement labels, you might notice that herbs often have two words in brackets and italics after their name. Let's take you through the meaning and origin of these names.

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Curcumin is the plant-based chemical that gives turmeric its electric yellow colour. It’s most well studied as a treatment for inflammation caused by chronic conditions.



As a mineral, magnesium isn’t made, but sourced from ocean water (magnesium chloride) or mined from the Earth (magnesium oxide)

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Vitamin D

It is involved with several important organ systems in the body and its deficiency can cause many different health problems.

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It’s suggested that you get at least the Recommended Dietary Amount of vitamins each day. If food isn't enough, a multi can help.

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Key to maintaining a healthy microbial balance, probiotics are the group of “helpful” microorganisms within your gut.

Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Made from one or several kinds of fish, Fish oil and its properties are commonly used for their anti-inflammatory effects.

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Vitamin C

Though an essential vitamin for human survival, the human body does not produce vitamin C. So, it must be obtained from the food we eat.