Charm EHR
ChARM EHR is a cloud-based online, ambulatory Electronic Health Record (EHR), practice management and medical billing solution for small and medium-sized practices which dramatically improves practice efficiency and quality of care for patients.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based EHRs including e-prescriptions, labs, and supplementation
  • Full administrative practice and patient management
  • Telehealth services
  • Medical billing platform
  • Insurance claim processing
  • EHR migration tools
  • Pay per Use pricing structure

How to set up your Fullscript integration:

1. Authorizing the Fullscript application.

Click on the Settings (gear) icon, then click on the Fullscript widget. Follow the prompts to click on “Choose your Fullscript account”. This should pop-up the oAuth window to allow you to log in or sign up for Fullscript and “Authorize Application”.

2. Match the users in ChARM to users on Fullscript.

Simply use the drop down to load all the Fullscript members. After matching each member, click “Associate” to finalize the activation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

ChARM pricing can be found here.

Can we view recommendations previously written on Fullscript in ChARM?

Not at the moment. Recommendations that have previously been written on Fullscript will continue to exist in your Fullscript account but they won’t be shown on your ChARM encounter view.

Does ChARM support multidisciplinary clinics?

Yes. One ChARM account can be integrated with one Fullscript account. All practitioners added to the ChARM account can be integrated to their corresponding Fullscript account. If they don’t have a Fullscript account, they can be enrolled for one from your ChARM account.

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