Many women know the feeling – they enter the doctor’s office with health concerns hoping that they’ll receive answers, only to essentially be told it’s all in their heads, to get used to it or take an antidepressant.

Women need something new.

But is adrenal fatigue real? This interview will take you on a deep dive into the world of adrenal health, what we’re really talking about when we say adrenal fatigue, and what you can do to help patients fortify their lives and adrenals back to wellness.

You will learn:

  • Why the term adrenal fatigue is a misnomer – and might backfire for your patients
  • The importance of the stress response, eustress, and what happens when things ‘go wrong”
  • How cortisol affects thyroid function
  • What Dr. Romm calls SOS
  • Beyond emotional stress – the 5 root causes of SOS – several of which will surprise you!
  • The top nutritional supplements for replenishing the adrenals
  • How to use the ‘adaptogen spectrum’ to help patients avoid adverse responses to adaptogens
  • The top 5 adaptogens for supporting adrenal health