United States Pharmacopeia (USP) Dietary Supplement Verification Program

The USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program is a voluntary third-party certification aimed at verifying the quality of finished products, ensuring what’s on the label is in the bottle. The testing and auditing process evaluates products based on the current FDA good manufacturing practices and USP-NF standards for quality, purity, potency, performance, and consistency. The program is available globally to manufacturers of dietary supplements.

Product Certification

The product certification involves:

  • A facility audit according to USP General Chapter Manufacturing Practices for Dietary Supplements and FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • An evaluation of product quality control and the manufacturing (QCM) process
  • Laboratory testing of product samples for ensure conformance to USP-NF quality standards
  • Off-the-shelf testing of USP Verified dietary supplements to ensure products continue to meet USP standards after certification

The certification process ensures that products:

  • Contain the ingredients listed on the label, in the declared potency and amounts
  • Do not contain harmful levels of certain contaminants such as heavy metals, microbes, and pesticides
  • Are effective and break down in the body within a specified amount of time in order to be absorbed
  • Have been manufactured according to FDA GMP

USP also offers stand-alone GMP audits, as well as verification programs for ingredients and excipients.

For more information, visit the USP website.