Fair Trade Certified

Fair Trade Certified, a third-party certification based on social, environmental and economic standard, ensures that products are grown, harvested, manufactured and traded in ways that improve lives and protect the environment. Certification is available for whole products, ingredients, and multi-ingredient products including coffee, produce, seafood, apparel, and home goods and other consumer packaged goods.

Product Certification

Manufacturers, or trade partners, must buy and sell Fair Trade Certified agricultural products sourced from producer organizations. Trade partners must also comply with Fair Trade USA’s Trade Standard in order to obtain certification and sell products as Fair Trade.

The Trade Standard includes guidelines for:

  • Fair Trade minimum prices in some categories to protect producers from fluctuating agricultural markets
  • Pre-determined Fair Trade premiums, based on the volume of protecting sold, intended for community investments
  • Contracting and pre-finance, which involves providing support to smallholder organizations with loan applications or directly providing pre-financing against Fair Trade contracts as requested
  • The handling, sale, and marketing of Fair Trade Certified products

Use of the Fair Trade Certified Seal

  • The Fair Trade Certified™ seal indicates that the product is considered a 100% Fair Trade Certified. These products may contain up to 5% non-Fair Trade Certified ingredients, such as flavorings or additives, as approved by Fair Trade USA
  • Fair Trade Certified™ Ingredient(s) Seal OR Fair Trade Certified™ ‘Ingredient-Specific’ Seal can be used for products that contain more than 20% Fair Trade Certified ingredients
  • Fair Trade Certification seals cannot be used on products that contain less than 20% Fair Trade Certified ingredients

For more information, visit the Fair Trade website.