We’ve put this simple guide together to walk you through the basics of setting up your own Fullscript Dispensary. It’s easy and should only take a few minutes. You can also watch an in-depth walkthrough here.

Let’s get to it!

1. Logging In

Click below to login to your dispensary:

Log In

2. Landing Page

Personalize your patient landing page with your logo and customize your unique welcome URL to share with patients! Sharing your welcome link through Newsletters or your website lets patients create their own account and place orders through your dispensary at their convenience.

Choose from one of eight backgrounds for your patient landing page.

Upload a logo to display to patients when they sign into your dispensary!


When you are happy with the result, click “done editing” at the top right of your screen.

3. Uploading A Certification

If you haven’t uploaded your certification, select the Certification Required banner at the top of your page or go to your dispensary settings (US|CAN).

There, you can upload a copy of your certification in an acceptable format (JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF, or TIFF). Orders cannot be placed through your dispensary until we have reviewed and approved your certification.


You can book a free personalized demo with our customer success team and we'll help you get set up! Book a demo here

4. Making Profit

This step is only for practitioners who choose to make a profit on their supplement sales. By default, your dispensary will be a no-profit account.

To switch your account type, click on the No Profit banner in your dashboard or go to your Dispensary Settings. (US|CAN)

Enter the information in the form which appears below. This information is required to receive payouts.

Scroll over to the ‘Payment’ section of your Dispensary Settings and add a bank account for direct payouts into your account. (US|CAN)


You can select your profit margin and dispensary-wide patient discount percentage in the section directly below where you entered your banking information.

5. Catalog Permissions

Determine what you’d like your patients to access by accessing the catalog and clicking on ‘Patient Visibility’ in the top right corner.


You can make categories for specific conditions and add favorite products to them to make it easier for patients who self-serve.

6. Adding Patients

You can add patients manually when sending recommendations or upload your entire list with a csv file to have them ready to go when you need them!

7. Creating Recommendations

Choose an existing patient, or add a new patient. You can also include a personal message or attach files (optional). Go ahead and start adding products to the recommendation/prescription. Once you’ve configured the recommendation/prescription, you can choose to ‘Send to Patient’ so they can place the order on their own time. Alternatively, you can select ‘Send and Place Order’ to complete the order on your patient’s behalf, while still sharing the details of their recommendation/prescription with them.


Find products faster by adding trusted products to categories. (US|CAN)

Sending similar recommendations? Create a template!(US|CAN)