Practitioner FAQ

What is Fullscript?

  • An online dispensing platform for practitioners to easily dispense high quality supplements to their patients.
  • Fullscript is the easiest way to streamline their practice and avoid the hassle that comes with stocking a large inventory of supplements in house.
  • Fullscript will help improve patient compliance and win the refill business.
  • Founded in 2012 by Dr. Alanna Dyment ND, her husband Brad and close friend Kyle Braatz, Fullscript is the first in the industry to create the Direct to Patient dispensing model.
  • Fullscript is a software company. Their team of dedicated members are constantly working to improve the platform so that practitioners can spend more time on personalized patient care. More than just fulfillment, Fullscript provides a tool to simplify workflow, provide education resources, and empower practitioners to change the way health and wellness are prescribed. 

Are there any costs to the practitioner?

  • No. Fullscript is a free software tool. Fullscript absorbs all transaction fees and relevant sales taxes so practitioners can increase their revenue while eliminating all costs.

Why might I choose to use Fullscript instead of carrying an inventory of a product in-office, or just sending my patient’s home with a shopping list?

  • Fullscript eliminates the nightmare that comes with maintaining an inventory in their practice. They stock products so practitioners don’t have to, providing practitioners with the convenience of the largest catalog in the industry right at their fingertips.
  • Their patients will love the convenience of Fullscript.They no longer have to make extra trips to the office or local health food store. With their personalized recommendations sent directly to them, they won’t feel confused and overwhelmed by the hunt for products in a retail setting.
  • There are no overhead costs or risks that are traditionally associated with stocking a supplement inventory (expiry, admin staff’s time, upfront wholesale cost of goods, etc).
  • One of the most valued differences between these two models is that Fullscript helps practitioners improve patients compliance and win the refill business. When their patient is about to run out of product, Fullscript will send a reminder to refill. This is incredibly effective, leading to 8-9 refills on top accounts.

What does the patient experience look like?

  • Easy, user-friendly, and convenient. Orders can be placed online or by phone.
  • Refill reminders take the hassle out of following a treatment plan.
  • Fullscript offers a choice of automatic subscription to treatment plan, or manual ordering prompted by refill reminder.
  • Dedicated world class customer support to handle all ordering, returns, shipping questions, general inquiries, and all the little things practitioners don’t necessarily have time to deal with on a day-to-day basis.

What is your shipping policy?

  • Any order above $50 automatically qualifies for free standard shipping. For a small increase of $4.95, Fullscript also offers upgrades to priority shipping (faster service level) at the check out. Overnight shipping is also available.

How many brands are available?

  • Fullscript provides practitioners access to 300+ professional quality brands including Nordic Naturals.

How does Fullscript help with patient compliance?

  • While automatic subscription based orders are available, if a patient doesn’t choose this option, Fullscript will send refill reminders to the patient about 1 week before they’re about to run out of their supplements. Fullscript uses the practitioner’s specific dosage instructions to calculate the best time to send this email.
  • Fullscript’s top dispensaries effectively drive 8-9 refills after the average prescription.

How does this affect my current workflow in my practice?

  • Fullscript has a dedicated representative to walk you through exactly how the software will fit into your current workflow.
  • Fullscript has options to include multiple practitioners and staff members no matter what size or type of practice you may have.
  • Patients can reach out to Fullscript Customer Support for assistance at any time, so you do not have to worry about causing more work for you or your admin staff.