Before 2011, dispensing supplements was an administrative nightmare for Naturopathic Physicians. This led Dr. Alanna Dyment, ND to devise a FREE solution that would allow practitioners to have access to all the top brands without carrying any physical inventory.

Six years later, Fullscript is the most widely used tool for dispensing supplements online.

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Dr. Mona Morstein, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

“Working with Fullscript has been great! The setup was fast and easy and I was up and running in just a few minutes. The Fullscript customer service is incredibly friendly and helpful; their system works, patients are already ordering through it, and I am very pleased. I’ve had frustrations working with distributors, but Fullscript is different and has been delightful to working with. I highly recommend everyone set up an account with Fullscript.”

Dr. Jody Stanislaw, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

“I’m thrilled with Fullscript. It is a wonderful resource for freeing up my time! I’ve spent endless unpaid hours managing my dispensary and am so happy to no longer have to waste time ordering, unpacking, and managing inventory. Now, I just take a few seconds to input what my patients need into a virtual prescription and they can reorder anytime they want. Fullscript is great!”

Dr. Eli Camp, ND

Naturopathic Doctor

“As a busy practitioner of a full-service concierge practice, it was really important to me to find the best solution for providing my patients with needed supplements without spending a lot of time. Fullscript has turned out to me the best of all the solutions we tried. I, or my staff, can quickly set up a patient, add the desired products from our favorite list, customize dosing and include special instructions. The orders are delivered in a timely manner and they have superior customer service. This has cut down on overhead and improved patient compliance and satisfaction. Thanks Fullscript!”

Most Recommended Products

by Naturopathic Physicians on Fullscript

iron extra by vitanica

Iron Extra by Vitanica

Iron Extra is a well rounded and optimal approach to iron supplementation. To further maximize the benefit of the formula, and to be gentler on the stomach, we have included several key herbs know for their positive effect on building the blood and maintaining regular bowel function

HPA Adapt by Integrative Therapeutics

HPA Adapt by Integrative Therapeutics

HPA Adapt combines five powerful adaptogenic herbs to help the body better respond to both mental and physical stressors.* With key ingredients, such as Rhodiola root extract, Sensoril® Ashwagandha, and Eleuthero root extract, combined with standardized extract of Maca and Holy Basil leaf, HPA Adapt supports healthy stress hormone balance via the HPA axis.

Saccharomyces Boulardii by Klaire Labs

Saccharomyces Boulardii by Klaire Labs

Saccharomyces boulardii is a nonpathogenic, transient yeast long used to support normal bowel transit time. It is a hardy, acid-resistant, temperature tolerant microorganism that is not affected by antibacterial agents. S. boulardii is genetically and functionally distinct from brewer’s yeast (S. cerevisiae) and different from pathogenic Candida species.

Available in both 60 and 120 capsule sizes.

l glutamine klaire labs

L-Glutamine Powder by Klaire Labs

Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in the body, helps form other amino acids, glucose, protein, and glutathione. Glutamine is stored in the muscles and is the primary metabolic fuel for the cells of the small intestine, fibroblasts, and the immune system. Supplementation with glutamine can help support gut cell proliferation and mucosal integrity, resulting in decreased intestinal permeability and better immune function.

Lactoprime Plus by Klaire Labs

Lactoprime Plus by Klaire Labs

This broad-spectrum, 12-strain blend of 7 Lactobacillus and 5 Bifidobacterium species is provided in a base of purified plant cellulose. This formula is free of inulin and other prebiotics and polysaccharides making it suitable for those who have dietary restrictions.