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The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) strives to elevate health and wellness within the chiropractic community.

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Improve patient adherence

“My front desk administrator doesn’t have to worry about inventory anymore, so that made her more efficient. No more wasting time making sure that I’ve got the right bottles, now she can pay more attention to patients or new patients–the people that really need her help.”

Dr. Kris Sargent, DC

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  • Adjustable margin and patient discount
  • World-class customer support
  • Access to 300+ professional-grade brands
  • Customizable storefront
  • Unlimited practitioners and staff
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Dispense responsibly with the only Carbon Neutral dispensary.
Fullscript is now certified carbon-neutral. It’s our first big step to sustainability with a lot more coming.

“Fullscript allows patients to receive prescriptions, communicate with me directly, and easily reorder. It also allows them to search for another product that we may not have spoken about as long as I allow them access to that product.””

Dr. Chris Oswald, DC

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“All my headaches went away when I started using Fullscript. Previously, I’d recommend nutritional supplements and hope the client got the right thing. Now, there is very little room for error, I can track what is going on in regards to ordering and shipping, and the user interface has been simple enough for even my least tech-savvy clients.”

Dr. Corey Schuler, DC

Go with the best.

By working with practitioners such as yourself, we've developed a platform that will help save you time and money without becoming another hassle.

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Simplified Sales & Accounting Reports

Multi-Practitioner & simplified accounting reports

Smart Refill Reminders

Automated reminders via email and SMS text message.

Largest Catalog in the Industry

Find all the best professional-grade supplements in one spot.

Customized Workflows

Save time with protocols, templates, favorites, and more!

World-class Customer Support & Software

A complete team dedicated to you and your patient's success.

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