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Culture guide

Helping people get better
A textbook would say culture is a set of
beliefs, values, and behaviors.
A Fullscripter would say it's much more than that.
The culture at Fullscript is something you see and feel. Culture is an intrinsic unifier in our
organization, and it starts and ends with our team.
If culture's intrinsic, do we really need a guide?
You bet we do.
Culture is difficult to explain but so important to understand. It's upheld with a fickle blend
of conscious effort and unconscious expression.
So, we've spelled it out.
water can

To help people get better.

handful of seeds

'Better' can mean a lot of things. We define it as,
'whatever it means to you.'

sappling growing from soil

We hire people who are committed to 'better',
and we're committed to helping them grow.

Your first day is the
start of a wellness journey.
Here's our first recommendation.
Culture sticks with a daily dose of effort. Understand our culture's
uses, benefits, and ingredients to empower your own success.
Fullscript Culture
Source of pride, belonging, and inspiration for the maintenance of a healthy organization. Helps support personal and professional wellbeing as well as productivity. Aids in the development of people and the capacity to achieve one's goals.
Fake pill bottle with ingredients about the Fullscript culture
In a way, we've prescribed our culture, and it thrives because of the core values already living in every Fullscripter's DNA.

We support peers in pursuing their goals and celebrating
wins and milestones.

We care deeply about our mission. As a result, we give back.

We default to transparency, inclusivity, and kindness.

Image of a community meet and greet
Image of a community meet and greet

We persevere in the face of obstacles.

We encourage initiative, experimentation, and learning.

We are curious and determined to discover great solutions.


We speak and act with integrity.

We challenge each other to find the best way forward, knowing that it may not be conventional.

We celebrate the differences between us and the uniqueness within us.

Image of a community meet and greet
These values fuel our behavior...
We're a results-driven
kind of place.
We're honest with ourselves and our
teammates. So long as you make an
impact and deliver on your commitments,
you aren't bound to the 9 to 5.
We buy in to our work and culture, and we strive for big things.
We believe in what we do, push each other to be our best, and aim to be the most engaging workplace on the planet. We want everyone to find wellness and are relentless in our mission.
We help ourselves and
each other.
You decide how to grow, and we'll support you along
the way. Our team helps each other when they're
down and gives them props when they're up.
We observe, analyze, and challenge models.
We’re a data-driven bunch. We watch the
numbers, dig for trends and insight, and use our
findings to innovate.
We don’t define teams by geography,
so we speak early and often.
We believe in working 'wherever you work well', meaning you can expect meetings to be
in-person, remote, or both with people from all across North America.
Slack, email, meetings, offsites, lunch and learns, and townhalls are examples of the
many ways we stay connected as one team, regardless of where we’re located.
Slack, email, meetings, offsites, lunch and learns, and townhalls are examples of the
many ways we stay connected as one team, regardless of where we’re located.
Lunch & Learn
We celebrate everyone.
Our differences make us stronger together. We accept and support everyone no matter who they are, where they’re from, or how they identify. Our dedicated Diversity & Inclusion Council ensures we advocate for equity and encourage positive change within ourselves and the community.
Put it all together, and what do you get?
A culture of caring creators.
Our organization is made up of people who care for patients,
practitioners, and their teammates, and have created a platform,
brand, and culture where everyone can thrive.
If we can leave you with anything,
we’ll leave you with this.
Immerse yourself,
and have fun.
Make 'yes' your default, don’t be
afraid of failing, and get to know
teammates personally.
There are three core values
that shape how we act.
Our core values are community,
grit, and authenticity.
Fullscript exists to help
people get better.
We've built a community to help each other improve professionally and personally.
Helping people get better.