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This page will serve as our hub for updates about our business services, the steps we are taking to keep our customers safe, and for tips on how to keep your minds, bodies, and practices healthy during this time of crisis.

Services Updates

An Open Letter to Our Practitioners

During these challenging times, we want to be transparent about what Fullscript is doing to support our practitioners now, and in the near future. We’re all in. Because we’re all in this together.

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person applying hand sanitizer on their hands

Our Response to the Current Global Health Crisis

Live updates on service and operations for Fullscript and Natural Partners.

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warehouse employee looking at orders on paper

Our Response to Order Volume

We have been experiencing an extremely high demand for immune support products. We are doing everything we possibly can in concert with our supplier partners to support practitioners and their patients.

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Tips to Stay Healthy During Self-isolation

During self-isolation, following regular self-care practices can help manage stress, support your immune system, and improve well-being.

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The Fullscript Integrative Medical Advisory team has assembled a number of resources, tips, updates, webinars and practice materials to support practitioners and their patients with current, accurate, and evidence-based information and education.

Practitioner Resources

practitioner on a laptop screen talking to their patient

How to Prepare for a Lockdown: Resource for Practitioners

Find tips in this article to help prepare health facilities, staff, and patients with continuing a physical practice while transitioning to telehealth.

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healthcare practitioner showing a patient information on an iPad

How to Talk to Your Patients About a Health Crisis

Empower your patients by communicating how they can protect themselves and others, with timely and accurate information about the current global situation.

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Patient Resources

woman skipping rope in her backyard

28 Integrative Practitioners Share Their Advice About Self-isolation for Patients

Expert advice confirms that staying active, spending virtual time with family, focusing on mental health, and eating well, are priorities during self-isolation.

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woman sitting on a gym ball at her desk set up at home

Ten Tips to Increase Productivity and Improve Health When You Work From Home

Work-life balance will vary for each individual, but specific tips can help increase productivity and improve well-being when working from home.

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woman with vegetables in kitchen looking at an iPad before cooking

30+ Wellness Apps Recommended by Healthcare Practitioners

We asked Fullscript practitioners to give us their go-to recommendations for apps that keep themselves and their patients healthy.

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woman with headphones holding up her phone video chatting with a friend

Tips to Stay Healthy During Self-isolation

During self-isolation, following regular self-care practices can help manage stress, support your immune system, and improve well-being.

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6 Tips to Stay on Track With Health And Wellness Goals

Setting health and wellness goals that are specific, measurable, assignable, realistic, and time-related (SMART) may help increase your success.

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Immune support

hyssop in plant form on a wooden spoon

Alternative Ingredients for Immune and Respiratory Support

These ingredients may be used as a means to counteract pathogens like bacteria and viruses, or in the treatment of respiratory symptoms and conditions.

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variety of foods on table

A Guide to Vitamin C: Health Benefits and Best Sources

Vitamin C is known for its role in supporting the immune system, but its health effects can range from collagen formation to prevention of ocular diseases.

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woman sitting in hammock outside

Health Benefits of Vitamin D and Best Sources

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin responsible for numerous body functions, ranging from supporting bone health to regulating the immune system.

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father and daughter making fresh orange juice in kitchen

Top 20 Immune Boosting Foods

A wide variety of diverse foods, especially fruits and vegetables, can have a huge impact on your immune system’s resilience.

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eucalyptus essential oil in a bottle next to eucalyptus plant leaves

Essential Oils for Immune Health

Many essential oils work directly to either fortify the immune response or eradicate the bacteria and viruses that can make us sick.

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person pouring milk from jug into glass

Benefits of Colostrum, Including Immune Health

As research shows, colostrum enhances immune defenses while also helping to control inflammation and support gut health.

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Dried pumpkin seeds in wooden bowl

Zinc Is Essential For Health, But Are You Getting Enough?

Zinc, as an ingredient, is essential for numerous aspects of an individual's health—including immunity, eye, and skin health.

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Probiotics in Immune Conditions

Maintaining immune function through modulation of the gut microbiome can help to prevent or treat a wide variety of conditions.

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People eating potassium rich foods

Why Do You Need Potassium?

Potassium is one of the most critical minerals for good health. Try adding one or two potassium-rich foods to every meal.

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couple making food in kitchen

How Nutritional and Balanced Diets are Important for Overall Health

The days of the “one-size-fits-all” approach to diet are long gone. Finding a healthy balanced diet requires some finesse.

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Young girl holding a bowl of vegetables and smiling.

5 Ways to Improve Your Microbiome Through Diet

Dietary components such as fiber, polyphenols, probiotics, and polyunsaturated fatty acids from fish oil have all been found to benefit the microbiome.

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a man and a woman talking over salad

The Many Health Benefits of The Mediterranean Diet

It's important to take a closer look at the myriad of health benefits that accrue to you when you eat a Mediterranean-focused diet.

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Moringa in powder form in a wooden bowl and in a wooden spoon with plant form surrounding

6 Supplements That Improve Your Kidney Health Naturally

You can improve your kidney health and reduce your risk of chronic kidney disease by implementing dietary and lifestyle changes.

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four spoons with leafs and cut up orange slices with vitamins on the spoons

5 Vitamins for Brain Health and Memory

Proactive brain health includes basic lifestyle advice coupled with vitamin deficiency prevention and supplementation with vitamins that promote brain health.

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woman making a meal with raw ingredients surrounding her in a kitchen

The Mediterranean Diet: Nutritional Facts And More!

Unlike other popular diets, the Mediterranean doesn’t eliminate food groups, it provides a wide array of fresh, nutrient-rich, minimally-processed foods.

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measuring food on a scale to measure the weight of it

Counting Macros: Easy as 1… 2… 3!

Counting macros has become a popular mode to monitor your nutritional intake and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

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Image of kids exercising

Exercise For Kids: Health Benefits And Tips to Incorporate

Following a consistent exercise routine is one of the most beneficial actions you can take to improve your health and increase your life expectancy.

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Image of people doing yoga

Types of Exercise and Their Health Benefits

Following a consistent exercise routine is one of the most beneficial actions you can take to improve your health and increase your life expectancy.

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man and woman squatting in the gym with exercise balls

Mitochondria Support: Lifestyle Factors You Need To Know About

Just as diet directly impacts the health and function of mitochondria, so do specific lifestyle factors like sleep, exercise, and stress.

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woman feeding her daughter cheese

Combat Adrenal Fatigue: Diet, Exercise, And More

Support the adrenal glands with a comprehensive lifestyle approach that includes a healthy diet, exercise, and diverse stress management techniques.

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man sitting at kitchen table eating fruit and drinking orange juice

(Lifestyle & Diet) How To Improve Memory And Concentration Naturally

A strong memory depends on the health and wellbeing of your brain - there are lots of natural ways that you can improve your memory and concentration.

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four people in a huddle giving high fives

The Important Mental Health Benefits of Exercise and Fitness

From stress relief to an almost immediate boost in self-esteem and energy, regular exercise is just as crucial for your mind as it is for your body.

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Man and woman planking outdoors on grass

Physical Exercise: How It Affects Brain Health

Get an understanding of the impact that exercise has on brain health, what happens to our body, and why it’s essential.

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A flower from the licorice bush (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

How to Deal With Workplace Burnout

Lifestyle interventions such as exercise, supplements, mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and sleep hygiene may be beneficial for burnout.

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Young woman sitting on a sofa with headphones and eyes closed.

Healthy Reasons and Tips to Incorporate Mindfulness Every Day

There are health benefits of mindfulness, which include addressing anxiety and depression, weight management, chronic pain, and insomnia.

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Rhodiola plant in tea

Boost Your Energy And Reduce Stress With Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea’s classification as an adaptogen means it’s suited for bolstering the body’s resilience to physical and psychological stressors.

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St. John’s wort extract plant form

Mood Support Protocol: A Resource for Practitioners

Research shows nutrients and botanicals, such as St. John’s Wort, omega-3 fatty acids, and Rhodiola may be effective in improving symptoms of depression.

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people doing yoga

The Surprising Health Benefits Of Yoga

Yoga has some surprising health benefits, including better sleep, decrease lower back pain, better digestion, and an overall improvement in mood.

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A blue tea cup full of lemon tea with slices of lemon next to it.

Natural Stress Relief: Best Strategies and Supplements for Stress Management

To manage stress, pay attention to your body, mood, and behavioral warning signs while incorporating several strategies into your daily routine.

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man sitting at a desk looking at his laptop

How Does Stress Affect the Body?

Stress can affect our moods and our ability to think clearly. It can also weaken the immune system and make us more susceptible to getting sick.

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five bottles of essential oils and their corresponding plants

10 Essential Oils Proven to Help Manage Anxiety, Naturally

Research has shown certain essential oils can be used to reduce anxiety and stress, so we have natural options to manage anxiety when we experience it.

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woman in her room cross-legged sitting on bed with green plants around her

Top Sleep Hygiene Tips and Supplements

Consistent good-quality sleep and health go hand in hand, so improve sleep hygiene by incorporating lifestyle changes and supplements.

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woman sleeping in bed

Circadian Rhythms: What’s The State of Your Body’s Clock?

Taking a proactive approach to circadian disorders can get you back in rhythm and foster better health and performance every day.

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Lavender essential oil in a bottle

Natural Insomnia Treatments: Dietary Supplements And Sleep Hygiene

Insomnia responds well to a safe, comprehensive, integrative approach that includes natural insomnia remedies, as well as a sleep-inducing lifestyle.

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valerian root extract on a wooden spoon

Sleep Support Protocol: A Resource for Practitioners

Research demonstrates that supplementation with melatonin, magnesium, and valerian root may also be effective in improving sleep and managing insomnia.

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lavender lavender flowers next to clear essential oil bottle

You Too Can Sleep Better With These 12 Essential Oils

From lavender oil to valerian, essential oils are without a doubt one of the best ways to achieve healthy, natural sleep.

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man sleeping in his bed

How Sleep Deprivation Effects Your Health And Wellness

Sleep health is supported by the tissue growth and repair that occurs while important restorative hormones are released during sleep.

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white bed with sheets, white flowers on a wooden bedside table

Melatonin Explained: Sleep Support Supplement

Melatonin is one of the top natural sleep supplements that are backed by research. This is a hormone that’s known for regulating your sleep-wake cycle.

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