Attending the Integrative Healthcare Symposium in New York City February 22-24th?

So are we! Stop by booth 312 for a chance to win a continuing education scholarship of your choice from our list of partners below. All you have to do is share your FULL prescription for health.

Scholarship partners include:

medicine talk professional

Comprehensive Naturopathic Approach to Diabetes Program

Returning to Medicine Talk Pro by special request, Dr. Mona Morstein takes us through every detail of working with Diabetic patients from a Naturopathic Perspective.  In today’s society where Diabetes has reached epidemic levels, this is a must-have course for all NDs and Functional Medicine Practitioners. The Series carries a total of 25 CE hours for NDs (10 of which are Rx)  approved by OBNM, AANP, CONO, CNPBC good in all states + Canada. (Valued at over $600, Course is available at any time of the year.)

eli camp medicine talk professional

Eli Camp, ND

Founder of Medicine Talk Professional, Eli Camp, is an ND trained in naturopathic medicine at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, AZ. She lectures across the country at numerous health conferences, public school districts and to the community in general regarding the topics of health and the practice of homeopathy. Medicine Talk Professional provides a variety of services, free and paid, to help you build or restructure, and maintain your medical practice.

The First 18 Dr. Meghan Walker

The First 18 by Clinician Business Labs

The First 18 is an online incubator for wellness clinicians and entrepreneurs as they launch their new practice or business. We cover topics related to foundational thinking and transformational strategies that apply to the unique needs of clinician entrepreneurs in the first 4 years of practice.  The mission of The First 18, is to launch successful, sustainable clinician entrepreneurs who can heal and inspire without the fear or overwhelm that accompanies the start of a new business. The program runs for 8 weeks, twice per year and allows lifetime access to our community and membership portal. The next course opening will be February, 2018. (Valued at over $950)

meghan walker first 18

Dr. Meghan Walker, ND

Clinician Business Labs and The First 18 was founded by naturopathic doctor and functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Meghan Walker. Meghan started and sold her first business while in University and is a Co-founder and past CEO of the digital health media start-up, Bright Almond. She is the host of the Entrepology Podcast and author of Inconceivable Impact, a Launch Guide for Clinician Entrepreneurs. A graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, Meghan maintains a boutique practice that focuses on the health and performance of entrepreneurs. She has spoken internationally and through multiple media outlets on topics related to women’s performance health and entrepreneurship.

next level functional nutrition

Next Level Functional Nutrition – IFMNT Certificate of Training 

Next Level Functional Nutrition program offers a very deep immersion into the many facets of Integrative and Functional Nutrition, including specialty testing and practical application. The Foundations series runs 6 weeks – 2 hours each week (12 Continuing education) and the main Certificate of Training runs 14 months providing almost 100 hours of continuing education) on such topics as, supplements, gastrointestinal health each; Functional Blood chemistry, Thyroid, functional nutrition assessment, Detox, Adrenal, Cardio-Metabolic and several other topics that are of concern to today’s savvy patients. The bonus is that our program also brings in a heavy emphasis on Genomics, a hot-off-the-press aspect of assessment that’s importance is only just emerging!(Valued at over $2400)


Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN

Susan Allen-Evenson RDN, CCN Founder & Mentor, Next Level Functional Nutrition is recognized as an expert in the nutritional aspects of Integrative and Functional Medicine. In addition to her own private practice, over the past 25 years, she has consulted for several notable Integrative Medicine Centers and the nutraceutical industry.

With her passion for educating, Ms. Allen lectures nation-wide and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs and been quoted extensively in the press and is also a published author. Additionally, she’s held appointments on many professional boards.

Having recognized the significant divide between traditional training in health care and the emerging trends in Integrative and Functional Medicine and understanding many professionals are missing a key opportunity; Ms. Allen launched a successful national mentoring initiative for clinicians emphasizing nutrition in their practice. Her company, Next Level Functional Nutrition provides practitioners a step into the 21st century of nutrition intervention; where the cutting edge of science, nutrition, and medicine meet.

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