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Wise Woman Herbals available on Fullscript!

Written Apr 7th, 2016 by Franco Varriano

Wise Woman Herbals available on Fullscript!

We are delighted to announce today that previously restricted Wise Woman Herbals® products are now available on Fullscript!

Licensed health practitioners can now prescribe these products on Fullscript directly to their patients to be drop-shipped to their doorsteps.

Long time Fullscript users will know that many of Wise Woman Herbals® products were restricted to “practitioner order only” - meaning they must be purchased by a practitioner to be administered to a patient in person. Patients who wanted to order online, even with direct instructions from practitioners, were out of luck.

Here at Fullscript, we understand the importance of respecting restrictions on products and we take the safety of our patients seriously. However, we knew there was a way to enable technology to make these products available online without compromising safety. This was achieved by making these products prescription-only, which means patients must receive a Fullscript prescription from their practitioners for specific Wise Woman Herbals® products in order to purchase online.

This way, practitioners can use their discretion when administering special Wise Woman Herbals® products online, but also be able to track compliance and ensure their patients receive their prescriptions in the most convenient way possible.

We are thrilled to make this available on Fullscript as Wise Woman Herbals® is a fantastic brand that produces superior quality botanical supplements. All products are handmade in Oregon and sourced from small local farms that produce organic, biodynamic, and ethically wild crafted ingredients. Below is a list of the newly added Wise Woman Herbals® products. Enjoy!

Essential Oils

Essential Oil Compound

Liquid Extract Singles

Liquid Extract Compounds

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