What is GMP and Why is it Important?

Dietary Supplements Good Manufacturing Practices (DS GMP) are checks and measures to ensure that the supplements that you use in your practice are authentic (they are what they say they are). These standards provide assurance supplements are free from contamination and impurities.

You wouldn’t find it acceptable to buy apple juice at the store, only to find that it’s not actually apples in the juice or it contained dirt, would you? Good Manufacturing Practices are the first step towards making sure that supplements are authentic and have no contaminants.

There are 4 categories of good manufacturing practices. Companies must demonstrate compliance in each of the following categories in order to be labelled GMP:

  1. Places – ensures that the location where products are manufactured and stored is clean
  2. People – ensures that employees know proper cleanliness and safety processes.
  3. Processes – ensures that there are consistent operations to provide authenticity and safety.
  4. Products – ensures that products are checked throughout manufacturing, storage, and delivery for authenticity, safety, and accuracy.

If a supplement manufacturer meets GMP standards, they will have the cGMP designation (Current Good Manufacturing Practices)

Any manufacturers that get added to the Fullscript catalog in the US and Canada are cGMP, so you can have confidence that any products you recommend for your patients on Fullscript are authentic, have been monitored to guarantee no contamination, and have been manufactured in a consistent/safe fashion!

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