Treatment Adherence in Integrative Medicine: A literature review and practitioner insights report
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Did you know that 15-30% of patients who receive a new treatment plan don’t follow it? Over time these rates increase, leading to missed revenue, patients living with chronic diseases, and billions of dollars in lost revenue for the US healthcare system.

Treatment adherence is a complex problem that requires a personalized approach and various strategies to help facilitate acceptance. Join Fullscript’s Research and Education Manager on the Integrative Medical Advisory Team (IMAT) Dr. Christopher Knee, ND, MSc, as he examines the problems behind treatment adherence, what it really is, and why you should care.

In this presentation, you’ll:

  • Learn more about treatment adherence.
  • Review the Treatment Adherence Study.
  • Understand barriers and facilitators of treatment adherence.
  • Discover key strategies for improving adherence.