In this webinar, Chief Science and Education Officer at Vital Nutrients, John P. Troup, Ph.D., will review the latest research on stress and sleep, with a careful look at adrenal dysfunction. He will also explore nutritional interventions to support the adrenal support network and system leading to healthy cortisol levels and facilitate more restful sleep.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Newly identified interactive systems for adrenal balance
    • Stress taxes your adrenal glands, which can eventually manifest as fatigue. Supporting our adrenal system is a key piece of supporting healthy energy levels and nighttime sleep.
  • How to maintain healthy cortisol levels
    • Stress can lead to high cortisol levels which may impact natural melatonin production, a hormone essential for sleep and many other functions. Maintaining healthy cortisol levels is key to protecting a good night’s sleep and balancing key hormones keeps the system working seamlessly
  • New clinical protocols
    • Research shows several nutraceutical solutions that can be considered in helping a patient manage adrenal fatigue.
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John P. Troup, Ph.D., serves as Chief Science & Education Officer for Vital Nutrients. As a leading industry expert with more than 25 years of successful category and clinical nutrition experience, Dr. Troup provides key insights on the innovation, selection and use of Vital Nutrients products and advances educational insights to help practitioners and consumers select products to support healthy lifestyles. Prior to joining Vital Nutrients, Dr. Troup served as a member of the senior management team at several Fortune 50 consumer nutrition health businesses including Pfizer, Novartis, Nestle/Wyeth and Unilever. He also led teams at several dietary supplement companies including Metagenics and Standard Process.