Join Freedom Practice Coaching’s founder, Dr. Charles Webb, as he discusses how creating customized programs will help you increase patient adherence, encourage better patient outcomes, and increase your profitability.

Dr. Webb will explain how customized programs can skyrocket patient adherence, create an environment of collaboration, and ensure you get paid what you’re actually worth.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Understand why customizing programs is a better business model for both the practitioner and their patients
  • Discover exactly what to include in a program to see higher patient compliance and better patient outcomes
  • Learn how to create programs for all types of patients, and how to price them
  • Understand how a customized program practice model is different from insurance or fee-for-service
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Grow Your Practice and Love Your Life.
Sound impossible? It isn’t when you learn to Master the Business of Wellness.

Saturday, November 13th | 9am – 1pm CT

Inside this essential workshop you’ll learn:

  • The art of pre-education and communication—when you create your ideal client, you ensure their success.
  • How to create customized programs—stop prescribing bandaids and start offering educational, comprehensive programs that change lives.
  • Why mindset is essential—until you respect your value as a doctor, you’ll never earn what you’re really worth.


  • Why the Fee-For-Service model is the number one reason patients don’t want to pay for their care. The answer will surprise you.
  • How to set yourself apart from the “Commodity Doctor” and why it’s essential in today’s climate.
  • How to conduct your initial consultation in a way that your prospect asks to be accepted into your care and sees this as an investment. YOU SHOULD NEVER SELL!!!
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Dr. Charles Webb
International Speaker, Author, and Founder of Freedom Practice Coaching

After building several practices in the insurance, fee for service model, Dr. Webb made the decision to sell his business and walk-away. Although he had found financial success, he missed out on life. “The model is dated and is built to hold both the doctor and the patient hostage,” he stated.

Since 2012, Dr. Charles Webb and his team have been educating health care providers in a different practice model; one that empowers their patients to create health rather than manage disease. The FPC model redefines the doctor / patient relationship to a uniquely customized mentor/client experience. Because the relationship is no longer about the doctor “fixing” or “curing” anyone with his or her particular services or products, the client takes on the role as an accountable co-laborer. The value is in the personal empowerment achieved through both the relationship and the experience. The outcome…health is created and both doctor and client win! No one misses out on life.

His teaching methods have empowered hundreds of doctors, and other healthcare providers, to step out of a broken system and adopt a model proven to provide a higher level of care, generate true wealth and provide a life outside of their practice.

Dr. Webb’s proven strategies allowed him to build a better practice, a practice that allowed him to be the dad he always wanted to be, a practice that afforded him date night with his wife and family vacations. His $3 million per year practice gave him freedom. Freedom while working only 4 days a week with just 5 staff members. These strategies are now available to you.

FPC’s big goal is to change 10 million lives in 10 years. Dr. Webb and his team intend to bring on as many doctors as necessary to achieve this.